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DIY Candy Boxes for Chocolate Cereal Truffles
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Image by douglassbrannon
While surfing on the internet, I found the #paper mache heart #boxes which looked quite amazing; and I immediately wished about #purchasing some of them to prepare a beautiful chocolate gift for my wife. However, each of those boxes had a price tag of and that was too much for merely a box.

Then I did a little more digging on the internet and found heart-shaped candy boxes with flat lids. And the cost of a box was just . But then, I got an idea about doing a little makeover of the boxes in order to make them look just the ones available in . And the matter of fact is that the process that I am going to discuss here is quite simple and easy. So, let’s begin!

Materials that you are going to need
After I purchased the boxes, I gathered the items which I could have needed to make the boxes. Here is a list of those items.

•Small #candy boxes (of course)
•Decorative paper for decoration
•Scissors (cutting blade can also be used)
•Glue stick
•Acrylic paint (make sure it is the non-toxic one)
•Paint brush

The boxes will have #plastic #containers which will further have candies inside them. Remove the candies and plastic containers. Paint the sides and top of the boxes with acrylic paint. Depending on the color you are using, you may need to apply another coat of paint after the first one is dried. If you really want to add extra style, you can paint the inside of the boxes but it is not going to be absolutely necessary.

After the paint is dried, you need to place the box on the decorative paper to trace the lid. Remove the box and cut the paper along the line. Attach this paper on the top of the box and use glue for proper attachment. If appropriate, you can do it with the back of the box too. This will make a beautiful DIY heart-shaped candy box which is ready to be filled with the candies.

To fill the boxes, you can consider #chocolate #truffles. If the box is not that big-sized, you can consider small chocolate candies. You can also prepare chocolate truffles at home.