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Newseum Bag
Design Gift Ideas
Image by JC Cole
This is an idea I had for gift bags for the Newseum (the interactive Museum of News in Washington D.C. It was class project to find a museum and create a bag concept for it. I created the design in photoshop, printed it out, and made this bag by hand.

Judge Dome Ruins 5
Design Gift Ideas
Image by ▓▓▒▒░░
This appears to be the original power meter and address for "Triponent".

Architect Bernard Judge’s "Triponent" House, which Julius Shulman helped make famous with his iconic 1961 image (below) has a fascinating back-story. Judge’s personal residence, begun in 1958 while still an architectural student at USC, was also coined the "Bubble" House by legendary Los Angeles Times Home Magazine editor Dan MacMasters.

Recently married and intrigued with the idea of building a dome house for himself and his new wife, despite almost everyone at USC skeptical of his chances for success, Judge decided to take on the challenge. He planned to build the residence along the lines of the Case Study House Program using mostly donated materials and student labor. With much encouragement from Lindsay and the gift of the dome he had erected in Montreal in 1950, Judge purchased a difficult to build on, thus inexpensive, lot in Beachwood Canyon in 1958. Lindsay had the components for the dome framework shipped to Judge from Montreal in a 3ft. x 4ft. by 6ft. shipping crate and design conceptualization began.

Judge decided to build upon Fuller’s highly theoretical "Autonomous Dwelling Unit" idea which included a portable, Gypsy-like "living package" enclosed by an easily collapsible dome. Whereas Fuller’s ADU concept envisioned off-the-grid living, Judge’s concept was a more pragmatic, somewhat rooted and prefabricatable, three-component living system he labelled, a la Fuller, "Triponent." His triponents consisted of what he called the envelope, the utility core, and free space.

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