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Meet Tea Pea
Design Gift Ideas
Image by Craft_Country
Tea Pea wants your children’s bedrooms to be as gorgeous and inviting as the rest of your home.

Made in New Zealand from 100% cotton, we design sumptuous bedding, cushions, bunting, change mats and bloomers. Our fabrics will look great on your, or your guest bed too!

Children’s bedlinen, snugglies and change mats.
Also, vintage storybook garlands, twine on vintage reels. Bunting – fabric, oilcloth and paper, Bloomers, lavender bags and more!

Keep an eye out at the Tea Pea stall for striped and spotted goody bags and reels of bakers twine – they’re exactly what you need to jazz up a last minute gift.

Fill these gift bags with some homemade baking for a cheap and cheerful gift idea that looks incredible.

Tea Pea is one of 30 indie crafters and designers selling at the Craft Country Fair: Saturday 10 December 2011 from 10am-3pm at the Greytown Town Hall.

weePod­™, The iPod Baby Belt
Design Gift Ideas
Image by RichardBronosky
weePod­™, The iPod Baby Belt

I had this great idea for a "(You’re almost a) Mother’s Day" gift. I looked everywhere for a set of headphones, specifically designed for wearing on a pregnant belly. It seems that no such thing exists. So in a true fit of manly rage, I broke out the power tools. (Okay, I broke out the Janome power tool, but that reciprocating needle could really do some damage!)

The result is a plastic clasped 2 inch wide elastic belt with a pocket loop for an iPod and six strategically placed button holes. The button holes allow you to insert headphones so that you can play music to your unborn baby.

This a really popular idea, I’m surprised someone doesn’t market such a product. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

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