Trix Cereal

A few nice birthday gift ideas images I found:

Trix Cereal
birthday gift ideas
Image by JeepersMedia
Trix Breakfast Cereal Happy Birthday Trix Rabbit at Target February 2014. Cut out the Birthday Card and Mail it to the Trux Rabbit and HE sends you a gift worth .00!! I have no idea what he sends you! Trix USA sweetened Breakfast Cereal for Kids! With Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube

Fast Homemade bead board ~ 2 of 5 photos
birthday gift ideas
Image by Urban Woodswalker
….continued from last photo:

I pulled out my homemade "bead board" to make a bunch of Birthday gifts recently. Someday, I would like a lovely wooden board, but this is just as good and works the same…for FREE.

What you need:
~A piece of recycled corrugated cardboard with …..
~Some white glue
~ craft knife
~ A ruler
~ The end of a paint brush, or a chop stick
~ Pencil
~ Permanent fine tip marker

See the next photos for the tutorial:

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