Top Wedding and Engagement Ring Trends for 2021

Love is in the air! With more and more people receiving COVID-19 vaccinations and restrictions being eased in many states, there has been a surge of couples planning romantic events in 2021. While 2020 was not too accommodating to social gatherings like bridal showers, engagement parties and weddings, the promise of a safer future has opened the calendar once again for those looking to tie the knot.

Of course, when looking forward to these celebrations of love, there is a common component that unites them all, including the union of the bride and groom themselves. We are talking about the wedding and engagement rings. These are the symbols of love and devotion that will play a very important part in any bridal ceremonies on the horizon.

If you are planning to get married soon but you haven’t selected your rings yet, let us help you make that a pleasant, easy and memorable process. There are quite a lot of bands to choose from in the current wedding marketplace, but there are a few types that are experiencing an uptick in popularity. Let’s take a look at three of the Top Wedding and Engagement Ring Trends for 2021.

Stacking Wedding Rings

Sometimes the bride’s wedding ring and engagement ring are purchased together, as part of a set. The designs are complementary and allow the two rings to nestle within each other, elegantly “stacking” for a comfortable fit and to show off the beautiful union of the dual bands.

In addition to traditional bridal ring collections, there has been a recent interest in romantic two- and three-ring sets. These bands can be worn together or individually, which is what makes them unique. They can be worn as a wedding and engagement coupling, but they can just as easily be an expression of pre-engagement or a simple statement of the love you have for one another.

Below you will find three stacking ring sets for your consideration. Each one includes a trio of beautiful bands, symbolizing today, tomorrow, and always. They fit together perfectly and arrive with a custom gift box.

Alfred Durante I Love You Always Ring Set

Free Engraving on All 3 Bands

33 Genuine White Topaz Stones

Solid Sterling Silver Setting

I Love You Diamond Ring Set

Over 2 Dozen Genuine Diamonds

“I Love You” Engraved on Each Band

Solid Sterling Silver Setting

Forever Love Diamond Ring Set

24 Genuine Diamonds

Romantic Engraving on Each Band

Solid Sterling Silver with 18K Gold Plating

His and Hers Wedding Ring Sets

The vows have been spoken, the last guests have left the reception, and now you are officially joined together in wedded bliss. So, how do you remind everyone that you have tied the knot? Usually, a couple will purchase his and her wedding bands to be exchanged during the ceremony. This purchase often follows a surprise proposal and the giving of an engagement ring to seal the promise. But that is not the only way.

Numerous couples these days are making a collective decision to become engaged, and subsequently married. This has changed the bridal world in a dramatic way. Now, there are many more 3-piece his and hers wedding ring sets available on the market, including an engagement ring and a wedding band for both the husband and the wife. Purchasing all three rings together lets this very important decision be made by both parties, ensuring the rings will be reflective of the bride’s and groom’s style jointly, with a design that will be complementary between all three bands.

Each of the beautiful wedding ring sets below includes an engagement ring and wedding bands for him and her. Plus, each ring can be personalized with custom engraving and they include gift boxes.

Together Forever His & Hers Personalized Wedding Ring Set

Free Engraving on All 3 Bands

35 Genuine Diamonds

Platinum- and 18K Gold-Plated Solid Sterling Silver

Camo His & Hers Personalized Wedding Ring Set

Free Engraving on All 3 Bands

Over 4-1/2 Carats of Diamonesk®Simulated Diamonds

Platinum-Plated Solid Sterling Silver with Camo Design

Western Romance His & Hers Personalized Wedding Ring Set

Free Engraving on All 3 Bands

Diamonesk® Simulated Diamond – Over 3 Carats

Platinum- and 18K Gold-Plated Solid Sterling Silver

Statement Wedding Bands

Many modern brides are breaking away from traditional wedding jewelry to express their forever love in a whole new way. Statement wedding bands eschew more traditional and demure bridal styles, with a focus on eye-catching designs that will be noticed immediately. Bold colors, unusual cuts and vintage looks are some of the defining features of statement wedding bands.

If you have a penchant for fashion and you want your wedding ring to really stand out, consider a statement piece. While not specifically associated with weddings, this kind of ring choice gives you a “blank slate” to assign your own specific meaning. In fact, because statement rings often have an heirloom quality to them, they can eventually become a part of your family’s history, creating even more meaning.

We’ve picked out 3 statement rings that would certainly make incredible wedding bands. Have a look at our selections below and see if anything catches your eye. A custom gift box is included with each one.

Queen of Gems Opal and Diamond Ring

Oval-Shaped Ethiopian Opal Centerpiece

Over 2 Carats of Genuine White and Mocha Diamonds

18K Gold-Plated Solid Sterling Silver Setting

Radiant Treasure Helenite and Diamond Ring

Pear-Shaped 1-1/4 Carat Helenite Centerpiece

4 Genuine Diamonds

18K Gold-Plated Solid Sterling Silver Setting

Amethyst Radiance Ring

Oval-Cut Genuine Amethyst Centerpiece

16 Round and Marquise Lilac Amethyst Stones

18K Rose Gold-Plated Solid Sterling Silver Setting

If 2021 is the year you take the next step in your relationship, congratulations to you and your future spouse. We hope our list of the latest wedding and engagement trends has been helpful, inspirational and enjoyable. Happy ring shopping on your journey to happily ever after.

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