Top 5 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her


Valentine’s Day is almost here! A time for Cupid to shoot his heart-tipped arrows into the air and spread a little love in the world. It’s the perfect time of year to act on the affection and adoration we feel in all of our important relationships. But the bond that gets a lot of attention during this annual day of love is the one shared with a sweetheart.

Everyone wants to surprise and impress their sweetheart on Valentine’s Day! More importantly, they want to give her a gift that lets her know exactly how they feel. A valentine from the heart that will elicit only one thought when she unwraps her gift and looks inside… WOW!

It seems simple, right? But there are, no doubt, men who agonize over finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift every year. How can I make my sweetheart say “wow”? How can I find The One that will express my feelings and bring a smile to her face? The answer might surprise you.

Jewelry. Jewelry is ALWAYS a great choice for Valentine’s Day. It’s as traditional and longstanding as candy and flowers, but unlike a box of chocolates or a bouquet, where the pleasures are but brief, a jewelry gift ensures that she will enjoy it for years to come. Even better, she will probably think of you each time she wears her gift. An heirloom keepsake and special memory of the occasion, one day on February 14, when you surprised and delighted her with a sparkling token of your love.

Of course, it’s always wise to use a bit of discretion when shopping for Valentine’s Day jewelry. You can start by observing your sweetheart’s style, her tastes, and her fashion sense. Take a peek in her jewelry box. What does she already have in her ensemble? Does she like silver or gold better? Colorful gems or bright, shining diamonds? What type of jewelry does she wear more of? But don’t stop there. Trends change and tastes change. So, poke around and ask a few questions to “check it twice” and make sure your observation is on point.

If you start by answering some of these questions, you can more easily deduce what might be the best jewelry gift for her. Now that you’re ready, below are a few very popular jewelry categories to help you with your Valentine’s Day gift selection.

1. Valentine’s Day Rings

She can always be reminded that your love is close at hand with a beautiful Valentine’s Day ring. And there are so many beautiful bands to choose from. Diamond rings always make a great choice. Diamonds symbolize love and infinity after all. Or maybe consider a birthstone ring to celebrate her life and the joy she brings to each day. Of course, depending on how long you’ve been together, perhaps it’s time for a promise ring or engagement ring. Some rings even feature special engravings inside the band so she can carry around a secret message, straight from your heart to hers.

2. Valentine’s Day Necklaces

What if she could keep a meaningful reminder of your love close to her heart? What if that reminder also happened to be incredibly beautiful? The gift of a Valentine’s Day necklace ensures both! And there are so many different styles to discover. From simple and classy, to ornate and contemporary, from precious pendants featuring pets, to symbolic pendants personalized with the names and birthstones of those she loves. And speaking of love, there is no better way to simply say “I love you” than with a romantic heart necklace or with one engraved with those 3 very special words.

3. Valentine’s Day Bracelets

Does your heart belong to her? She can wear it “on her sleeve” literally when you give her a beautiful bracelet for Valentine’s Day. On the elegant side of fashion, bangle-style bracelets have a chic glamour that never goes out of style. With incredible gleam, they practically convey love and romance with a mere reflection of light. But you might also consider a beaded bracelet or a charm bracelet, custom-created to show off her personal style, taste and individuality. And so many of them can be purchased all put together and ready to wear.

4. Valentine’s Day Earrings

If you want your Valentine’s Day surprise to make her smile from ear to ear, a pair of gorgeous earrings might do the trick. Earrings make the perfect punctuation to an already amazing ensemble and they are essential accessories, so fashionistas are always on the lookout for the perfect pair. Whether hoops or studs, whether diamonds or pearls, whether dangling or demure, earrings may grace the ears, but they always bring out the sparkle in her eyes when the right pair is chosen.

5. Personalized Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

Of course, many rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings offer the option to be personalized too. And what’s a more personal Valentine’s Day present than jewelry you helped create. It could be a romantic necklace featuring a pendant engraved with both of your names – the ultimate symbol of your loving bond. Or how about a birthstone bracelet with her engraved name, or one with the names and birthstones of all her children? You might even want to personalize a ring with a meaningful statement of your love. These special touches not only reflect your time, care, and consideration but allow you to give her a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day gift that no one will have. No one except for her.

Shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is not an exact science, but it’s not supposed to be. Simply start with the idea of jewelry and let your heart lead the way. There can be many paths to finding an amazing gift and creating an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Whichever path you take, we hope you find The One.

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