Top 5 Personalized Jewelry Gifts for Grandmothers

There are many wonderful things to acknowledge about grandmothers. The way they seem to know just about everything (and then some). All of their amazing life stories and the way they share them. Their unique sense of humor. Their beautiful sense of childlike wonder expressed with youthful hearts. But the thing that stands out the most is how they love their family. That perfect and pure adoration and devotion for each and every precious child and grandchild.

When grandma has a birthday coming up, or Christmas, or Mother’s Day, or another special occasion, and you want to honor her, what do you do? For many people, it can be difficult to find the right gift for someone as important as grandma. But it doesn’t have to be. The Gift Advisors at The Bradford Exchange would like to recommend a personalized gift.

Today we have put together a list of 5 of our favorite personalized gifts for grandmothers. Each one is gorgeous original jewelry design. Each one is unique. And each one can be personalized just for your grandmother to pay tribute to what she loves the most in life: her beloved children and grandchildren. Best of all, she will be able to take her gift with her everywhere, always recalling your thoughtfulness and proudly showing off a sparkling symbol of her beloved.

1. Grandma’s Heart & Joy Personalized Birthstone Bracelet

Personalized with up to 9 Swarovski® birthstones and names! Give your grandmother a beautiful way to express her love for each and every grandchild. This handcrafted sterling silver- and 18K rose gold-plated stretch bracelet features each of their engraved names and birthstones on symbolic heart beads. And there’s even a center heart bead engraved with “My Heart Belongs to my Grandkids,” so she will remember her pride and joy every time she reads it. Arrives with a velvet jewelry pouch and custom gift box to enhance your presentation to grandma.

2. Forever & Always Personalized Bracelet

Personalized with up to 12 crystal birthstones and names! Share a sentimental reminder of your family’s bond with grandma. When she places this sparkling bracelet on her wrist, she will see that each of her special children or grandchildren has their own place of honor, symbolized with their engraved name and birthstone, beautifully set between wave-shaped links. Finished with a heart charm engraved with “Forever and Always a Family,” it arrives with a custom gift box.

3. Family Grows with Love Personalized Ring

Personalized with up to 6 crystal birthstones and 6 names! Create a beautiful family heirloom for grandma that she can take with her everywhere. This solid sterling silver ring gleams with 18K gold-plated flowers, perfectly sculpted to show off each of her grandchildren’s birthstone. Plus, all of their names are engraved inside the band, a special secret only she knows. And to help with your gift-giving, this gorgeous ring includes a custom presentation box.

4. Strength of Family Personalized Diamond Ring

Personalized with 6 engraved names! Let your grandmother know she’s the one that holds the family together with this stunning ring. It glitters gorgeously, complements of its 6 genuine diamonds and 18K gold-plated accents. And each diamond perfectly enhances the engraved names of her grandchildren, woven together in an elegant braid design to symbolize the strength of your family’s unity with grandma at the helm. Includes a deluxe gift box so you can make an impressive presentation to your grandmother.

5. My Heart, My Grandkids Personalized Pendant Necklace

Personalized with up to 15 crystal birthstones and names! For larger families, this handcrafted necklace is ideal. Its graceful sterling silver pendant is engraved with “My Heart Belongs to my Grandkids” in the center, surrounded with heart-shaped birthstone links to symbolize each special grandchild. And when grandma turns the pendant around, she will find the name of each grandchild engraved there, so she can keep them always close to her heart. Arrives with a velvet pouch and custom gift box.

Did you see something grandma would like? The connection we have with our grandmother is like no other relationship in the world. When we were younger, she was the one who never ran out of hugs and cookies. But as we got older, we realized that, along with those hugs and cookies, she was also the keeper of all the wisdom in the universe. Well, maybe not all of it. But it feels like it sometimes, doesn’t it? She certainly is grand. We hope you can help you cherish her.

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