Top 5 Decorating Ideas for Your Halloween Home

Every year, usually when the first tinge of autumn whips through the air in mid-September, it happens again. You are slipping into your first sweatshirt of the season when you suddenly realize there are pumpkins everywhere. Even in the drinks at your local coffee shop. Piles of gourds stacked up in markets. Stalks of corn and bundles of hay seem to have sprouted up overnight. Then it hits you… Ahh, Halloween is creeping up.

Whenever this happens, the first thing many people think about is getting their home Halloween-ready. This could mean completely turning your abode into a haunted house inside and out, complete with frightful scenes of ghosts and ghouls, a thoroughly creepy soundtrack and scary lighting meant to spook you out of your skin. For others, this could mean creating a more fun Halloween fantasy land for your home, featuring favorite film characters or harvest scenes with glowing jack-o-lanterns and scarecrows.

Whether you choose to have a spooky house or a funhouse for Halloween, there are always ways to enhance your decorating efforts. That’s where we come in. We’ve put together our Top 5 decorating ideas for your Halloween home. Some are frightful, some are delightful, but all of them are sure to “trick out” your home with some of our favorite treats.

1. Heads of Horror Sculpture Collection

They are the boogeymen that inhabit the darkest corners of our nightmares. This collection of ghoul, goblin and monster sculptures are handcrafted masterpieces of the macabre. Painted by hand to capture every grisly detail, each one is captured within an illuminated glass dome crowned with a sculptural skull. Just imagine the hair-raising scares these sinister sculptures will illicit from your Halloween guests.

2. Haunted Fog Machine Sculpture

Do you dare enter a decaying graveyard on a dark and stormy night? This handcrafted fog machine brings the eerie essence of that scene to life in your home, complete with handcrafted gnarly trees, creepy spiders and eroding gravestones. Best of all, the graveyard pond emits a ghostly fog, illuminated with alternating red, blue and orange lights. What a cool special effect for your Halloween home.

3. It’s the Great Pumpkin Sculpture

Welcome the Great Pumpkin into your home! This hand-cast sculpture conjures the spirit of everyone’s favorite Halloween special: “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”. It features a rotating base with a parade of the beloved PEANUTS characters dressed for trick-or-treating. And who is featured inside the glitter-filled glass globe? Why, it’s Linus and Sally! Their famous theme song provides the soundtrack as well. It’s sure to make quite a conversation piece wherever you display it.

4. Disney Halloween Harvest Village Collection

Mickey Mouse and his friends are ready for you to join them at their Happy Haunting Grounds. This enchanting Disney village collection brings frightful fun to your home with favorite character figurines dressed for a harvest party, including “Count Mick-ula,” “Goof-enstein” and “Mad Donald Doc.” Plus, each of the buildings glow on the inside with eerie illumination. If you love Disney, this is a must for your Halloween home.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas Sculpture Collection

There’s a new nightmare sprouting up and it could only happen in Halloween Town. This first-of-its-kind collection showcases Disney and Tim Burton’s animated classic’s most iconic characters immortalized on trendy little ceramic pots “blooming” with lifelike artificial succulents. And the best thing about these scary good succulents is they will NEVER DIE! They are sure to add a fun and fiendish touch to your Halloween.

We hope we have inspired you with a few top picks from our captivating Halloween decor lineup – a little devilish, a little delightful, and a whole lot of pure Halloween joy. Remember, before you know it, a whole parade of little trick-or-treaters will be making their way through your neighborhood looking to increase their bounty of goodies. Will your home be a trick or a treat? The choice is yours. Happy Halloween to you all!

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