Top 5 Christmas Decorating Ideas for Your Fireplace Mantel

Whether they are wood-burning, gas, or decorative, fireplaces have a wonderful advantage when it comes to home decorating. By design alone, a fireplace already tends to draw the eye of anyone who enters the room. And to have a long, extended platform running the entire length above it, provides an ideal crowning touch. We are talking, of course, about the mantel. The mantel offers a wealth of creative possibilities, particularly true when it comes to the Christmas season.

While the choices for decorating your fireplace mantel for Christmas are practically limitless, we wanted to share 5 great ideas that are also easy and convenient. Because the mantel becomes such prime decorating real estate during Christmas, many people invest as much time planning the layout of their mantel as they do in putting up the Christmas tree. But our festive suggestions can help you create a little mantel magic in your home with only a small investment of time and energy. And you can have fun while doing it!

1. Lanterns

Decorative lanterns bring wonderful warmth to the Christmas mantel. Both electric and battery-operated options are readily available and are offered in many different styles and artistic expressions, no matter your preference.

Another great distinction of a Christmas lantern is that it can make a big, dramatic statement while only taking up a small amount of space. And because of its economic decorating footprint, it can even be incorporated into other festive scenes, or nestled within holiday garland, colorful ribbons or “snow”.

This collection is one of our favorite choices and we recommend it for decking your mantel, offering rustic metal lanterns filled with fully sculpted, hand-painted Thomas Kinkade holiday scenes and Always in Bloom® floral arrangements. Best of all, they are lit with strands of enchanting floating lights. Find it here:

2. Nativity Sets

Because the mantel offers such a wide tableau, it is the perfect place to display a Nativity set. Whether you have a set that has been in your family for generations, a more recent set that is special to your own household, or you are in the market for a brand new Nativity set this season, consider your mantel an ideal place for all to admire Mary, Joseph, the Baby Jesus, Shepherds and Wise Men.

The mantel has the ability to make the story of the very first Christmas a focal point in the room, while giving you the space you need to arrange each inspiring biblical scene, bringing hope and joy to your holiday home.

The Jeweled Nativity Figurine Collection is one of our favorites. Inspired by the legendary artistry of Peter Carl Faberge, each handcrafted piece is embellished with genuine Swarovski® crystals, jewel-tone glazes and gold- and silver-tone highlights. Find it here:

3. Tabletop Christmas Trees

Most households display a Christmas tree during the holidays, but why not consider the addition of a few tabletop Christmas trees for a wonderful complement? They are only called “tabletop trees” because of their size, which means they are perfectly acceptable to display on your mantel. In fact, it just might be the perfect decoration catching some warm glows from your fireplace.

And there are so many different tabletop trees to choose from – everything from the purely fun and whimsical, to trees inspired by popular interests, to traditional trees and religious-themed trees.

This tabletop tree is inspired by the artistry of acclaimed artist Thomas Kinkade. It comes with illuminated candles, sculpted village buildings and an enchanting star topper. Plus, it plays 8 beloved holiday tunes while a miniature train circles the base. Find it here:

4. Garland

One of the most versatile decorating choices for your mantel is Christmas garland. Garland lends a simple elegance to your home, and because it is so adaptable, it displays wonderfully, no matter the size or style of your fireplace mantel. And given its rich tradition and history, it has the unique ability to instantly create heartwarming feelings for you and your guests.

And if you would rather show off a contemporary look, as opposed to a more traditional one, no worries at all. There are many unique types, styles and colors of garland that can be equally perfect for your mantel, not to mention both live and artificial. Some garland comes pre-arranged for easy display, but most garland comes in strands, giving you the freedom to create the kind of arrangement you want. You can also incorporate other decorating objects like candles, lights, figurines, lanterns and villages, to put together a festive scene for all to enjoy.

Not sure what to do? Let us suggest a heartwarming favorite – this unique garland set is a dramatic 4 feet long and tells the story of the very first Christmas. It arrives with 7 fully sculpted Nativity figurines and is decorated with Thomas Kinkade artwork, 22K-gold accents, ribbons and more. Find it here:

5. Villages

One of the best decorating ideas for the mantel has got to be Christmas villages. Creating a Christmas village could be as simple as collecting a tiny seashore house with a fishing hole and a few interesting townspeople, or it could be as elaborate and putting together an entire town, complete with a clock tower, a town hall, a train station, individual neighborhoods and bundled-up shoppers bustling about in preparation for the arrival of Christmas. And all of this can be displayed on your mantel!

If you have never created a Christmas village before, it is very easy to start small – a few houses, a few figurines, a few accessories. After only a few seasons of expanding your village, you could be arranging extravagant displays that take up your entire mantel. And just imagine the interest and enjoyment you and your holiday guests can get from these nostalgic snapshots of simpler times.

If you’re a fan of HARRY POTTER™, there is an entire holiday village collection devoted to that fantastical wizarding world that you’re going to love (and imagine how impressed your guests will be). And it comes with all your favorite characters and locations that you remember from the popular movies. There’s even a HOGWARTS™ Express! Find it here:

Have you been inspired to turn your mantel into a winter wonderland this season? A place that radiates with the spirit of the season? We hope so. Don’t forget that no matter what your particular style or color scheme preference, there are always so many mantel decor options available out there. You are sure to find a great option for your holiday home. We wish you all a very merry Christmas!

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