Top 4 Ways to Enhance Your Holiday Home for the Christmas Season

Here’s the scene: It’s the beginning of December. Your Christmas tree is completely decorated and looking exactly the way you like. The stockings are hung by the chimney. The lights are strung up, inside and out. Your mantel looks festive and perfect. The smell of pine and cinnamon is in the air. Even all the presents are beautifully wrapped beneath the tree. Your holiday home is looking amazing. But you can’t help but ask the question: isn’t there something else I can do to enhance my Christmas decorating? An extra merry touch here or there?

Luckily, there are many effective ways to take your Christmas home to the next level this season. And we would like to share just a few very simple decorating ideas with you. We truly hope you enjoy our top 4 ways to enhance your home for the Christmas season.

Christmas Tree Toppers

So, your Christmas tree is all decorated and standing proudly. You step back for a moment to take it all in, admiring its beauty. Is there anything missing – perhaps a star crowning the top, or a celestial angel? Tree toppers are the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas tree. The perfect punctuation to its festive glory, and exactly what gives a tree its holiday spirit.

Need a new Christmas tree topper for the Christmas 2020 season? Here are a few things to think about:

What theme or style topper are you looking for?

What size should the topper be to complement your tree?

Should it be a traditional tree topper, or something more contemporary?

Illuminated? Featuring motion? Or with both?

If you really want your tree topper to catch the eye, consider this market first. It sends Santa and his sleigh of eight reindeer “flying” around the top of your tree, perfectly balanced with an illuminated golden star. Plus, Thomas Kinkade’s most beloved holiday art is recreated on each reindeer’s saddle blanket. Find it here:

Unique and Original Christmas Ornaments

We all have our favorite Christmas ornaments. The bright and shiny ones. The sentimental family ones. The ones that feature sound or movement. The ones that we put on first, or always save until the end to hang on the tree.

Most people have made it a tradition to add to their Christmas ornaments collection with each new season. This lets you discover more unique and original masterpieces to showcase on your tree. This is the distinction you want to really help make your Christmas tree stand out, but refreshed, year after year.

Many people are inspired and moved by the farmed artwork of Thomas Kinkade, especially during the holiday season. This heartwarming collection showcases his beloved vision on real working jingle bell ornaments, handcrafted to look just like festive little snowmen, complete with vintage-style holiday outfits. Find it here:

Festive Wreaths

Never underestimate the power and strength of the wreath. Its effect on you and your guests may seem subtle, but the rich history and tradition associated with the Christmas wreath have given it iconic associations. With just a glance, a wreath can conjure the most pleasant holiday thoughts and feelings, perfectly promoting the joy of the season.

They are highly versatile as well. You can hang a wreath on every door in the house, or merely on the front door for a dramatic statement. You can display a Christmas wreath over your fireplace mantel, or on the wall beyond your dining room table to complement the table setting. It all depends on the kind of presentation you wish to make.

Wreaths also come in many different styles, colors, shapes and themes, so you can always match them to your existing decor or change up the decor of an entire room to be in perfect harmony with that one Christmas wreath most central to your heart. And there is always room for both live wreaths and artificial wreaths.

Here is a favorite of ours: the Thomas Kinkade A Warm Winter Welcome Snowman Wreath. It features a unique teardrop-shaped design with a handcrafted snowman sculpture as its centerpiece. The gorgeous, wintery Always in Bloom® arrangement has the look of fresh-cut pine and it glows with warm illumination controlled by a convenient 24-hour timer. Find it here:

Christmas Snow Globes and Glitter Globes

Always the subject of curiosity and conversation during the Christmas season are snowglobes and glitter globes. No doubt, they are compelling, almost irresistible with their sculpted scenes inside, forever frozen in perpetual snowfall. All you have to do is take a closer look through that crystal-clear glass to imagine yourself in that winter wonderland of peace, love and joy.

Glitter globes can be displayed pretty much anywhere in your home. Consider an end table or on your mantel. Perhaps show it off as a table centerpiece, under the Christmas tree, or nestled in a bookshelf nook. You could even purchase multiple snowglobes or water globes to place in several locations around the house. One can never have too much Christmas magic!

This is certainly the ultimate glitter globe if you’re an Elvis Presley fan. With just the flip of a switch, 4 colorful Christmas trees illuminate the snow-topped lawn of a Graceland-inspired home. Flip the switch again and hear Elvis sing “Blue Christmas,” all while an enchanting winter “storm” swirls around the rockin’ scene. Find it here:

For some, Christmas decorating can last as long as the season does. There will always be something to tweak here or adjust there. But we hope you get a chance to relax and enjoy all your hard work and creativity this Christmas season. We also hope our list helped you figure out a few dramatic finishing touches you could add to your holiday home. Best Wishes and Merry Christmas to you all!

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