Top 4 Birthday Gifts for Him to Make It a Truly Happy Celebration

He’s having a birthday! Aren’t birthdays the absolute best? The cake, the decorations, the joyous celebration shared with friends, family and loved ones. And let’s not forget the presents. Everyone loves to get presents!

The Bradford Exchange has always been an ideal place to shop for meaningful birthday gifts. Not only do we offer a wide selection, but all of our birthday presents are truly unique and you won’t find them anywhere else.

Plus, we love assisting our customers with planning the best birthdays for the special people in their life. Today we want to talk about how you can add some sparkle to the birthdays of the important men in your life.

Is he approaching a decade-defining milestone like 40 or 50 or 60? Perhaps he has stopped counting and would prefer you do too? Maybe his young life is just getting started, seeking new adventures through his 20s and 30s. I think we all realize that age is only a number anyway. Why not focus on what really counts: the relationship you share with him. So let us help you put the love you share into a birthday gift he will always remember.

Whether you are shopping for your dad, granddad, your husband, or boyfriend, we think you will love these special gift choices. Here are 4 top ways you can put the “Happy” into his “Happy Birthday.” Scroll down to check them out.

1. Dad’s Fans Personalized Picture Frame – For Dad

Does Dad love football? Here’s a birthday gift the entire family can huddle up for. This NFL-licensed picture frame not only features the logo and colors of the team he cheers for, but you can personalize it with up to 6 of your names too. Put your favorite family photo in the frame and it’s a sure touchdown. Every time he catches this thoughtful gift out of the corner of his eye, he will certainly know who his favorite fans are.

2. Lakeside Memories Wall Clock – For Grandpa

Does granddad love to fish? Surprise him with a nostalgic way to while away the hours. This limited-edition boat-shaped wall clock will lure him in with the fishing artwork of acclaimed artist James Meger. Capturing an idyllic lakeside memory, the fully sculptural timepiece includes fishing poles with lifelike hand-painted fish and hanging weights shaped like bobbers and gleaming lure. It’s the perfect catch for a birthday celebration.

3. NFL Floor Lamp – For Husband

Bring game day to him! If your husband enjoys a good matchup on the gridiron, help him tackle this NFL floor lamp featuring his favorite team’s colors and logos on all four sides. Standing an impressive 5 feet tall, this limited-edition lamp is officially licensed by NFL Properties LLC and includes a convenient hands-free floor switch to control the illumination. A birthday touchdown is certainly in order!

4. The Few and the Proud Men’s Watch – For Boyfriend

Is your Marine celebrating a birthday? Give him the time of his life! Boldly honoring The Few and The Proud, this handcrafted chronograph watch features a thoughtful USMC engraving across the back and their iconic symbol on the face. Plus, it arrives with a deluxe wooden case and 10 free historic fact cards to make his gift even more attractive. ATTENTION: only available in a strict limited edition of 5,000, so HURRY!

We hope you liked our Top 4 Birthday Gifts for Him and found our suggestions a great help. Don’t forget, we also offer fantastic birthday gifts for all the other men in your life too, including sons, grandsons, cousins, uncles, and friends.

Remember, birthdays may only come once a year, but it’s the extra love, care, and thought you put into shopping for his gift that gives it special meaning. Best of luck in planning an extraordinary birthday celebration.

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