The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Women’s Wedding Band


With this ring, I thee wed. Those six words have united millions of happy couples. The central word in this vow, of course, is the word “ring,” which makes the wedding ring the ultimate symbol of love. That association certainly carries a lot of meaning and weight with it, but shopping for a wedding ring doesn’t have to be stressful.

Selecting a ring to represent your loving union should be a joyful experience full of promise and hope – the beginning of your life together. If you have some thoughts about the kind of wedding band you’re looking for, the search for just the right ring should be quite enjoyable, especially if you keep in mind that it is an expression of your bond and an expression of your personal style.

Still, need a little help? No worries. Our Women’s Wedding Band Buying Guide provides a list of the 4 most fundamental components of wedding rings to assist you with your decision. Just like the signals that are guiding you towards wedded bliss, you should always lead with your heart when looking for wedding bands. With that as a foundation, let’s look at a few helpful considerations.

The Designs

The design of your wedding band should certainly complement your ensemble and the other jewelry in your wardrobe. The way you dress every day is an expression of your fashion sense, something that is specific to you. The wedding ring you choose is simply a further extension of that. Just a more romantic one.

From antique and classic, through modern and contemporary, from ornate to simple, there are a wealth of wedding jewelry designs available in today’s marketplace. How do you find yours? The one that fits your sense of style. Perhaps it works like the moment you realized you had found your soul mate. Your heart whispered its truth, you heard it, and you knew instantly. When perusing potential wedding band designs, why not try a similar approach. Take a moment. Breathe. And listen for the one that speaks just to you.

The Metals

The type of precious metal you choose for your ring is certainly a significant component of the design. You might find a design you like and decide that the metal is secondary, or it could be the other way around. The metal you select is also a consideration with the stones that will grace your ring, meaning it will either provide a complement or contrast to the sparkle of the gems, so you should think about those choices together.

The most popular metals used in women’s wedding bands today are:

Platinum – for more of a classic or traditional look.

Sterling Silver – can have almost the same gleam as platinum but carries a more reasonable price tag.

Gold – the “gold” standard of wedding bands, pun definitely intended.

Rose Gold – more popular in recent years for those who prefer the antique look.

The Stones

When we think about wedding rings, we are all conditioned to think of diamonds. Diamonds have been associated strongly with marriage for a very long time, due to their prized value and symbolism of love and devotion. If you choose diamonds for your wedding band, you could select a diamond cluster or multiple diamonds if you prefer something more ornate and elaborate. For a more simple and straightforward statement, a solitaire would be a good choice. And there are many attractive cuts available, including round, princess, oval, marquise, pear, heart and emerald.

Of course, there are alternatives to diamonds. Many couples have broken away from this traditional choice to purchase rings with other precious gems and even colored crystals or simulated diamonds (delivering the same sparkles and symbolism while being more affordable). Diamonds are not for everyone and they don’t have to be. Perhaps your birthstone would be the perfect complement to your ring. Some couples have even chosen to have both of their birthstones crafted into the design. One should never feel pressured to select a wedding band that they won’t enjoy wearing for many years to come.

The Engravings

There is no better way to make your wedding band even more personal than by having it engraved. After you have the design, metal and stones picked out, this kind of custom addition is the next natural step in the process. The signature of your relationship, so to speak. A way to make the ring truly yours.

Most couples will have their wedding rings personalized with the date of their wedding or a special phrase that has poignant meaning to them. Some might elect to have their names engraved together, also a very popular choice. The best way to decide on what to engrave is to simply follow your heart. The words will come. Let the engraver do the rest.

If you are in the market for a wedding band, we hope our buying guide has been helpful. There certainly is a lot to consider when taking the next big step in your relationship. Let’s hope the ring-buying part is fun, easy and satisfying. Best of wishes to you and your partner on your coming nuptials and here’s to happily ever after!

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