the secret folsom street fair, scott richard

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the secret folsom street fair, scott richard
Unique Gift Ideas
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june is pride month for the alternative communities who don’t have standard "heterosexual identification".
historically, we used to call it gay pride.
this included homosexual men and women.

now, we know that sexuality is a super beautiful and complicated revelation that is realized in each individual differently.

some people want to be pretty and attractive, others want to be warriors and masculine and proud and chiseled. some want to be curvy and soft and loved, while others want to be colorful and loud or tied up and beaten.

basically, we now "understand" that sexual identification includes the element of gender and that gender and sexuality merge to form all manner of amazing combinations. there really are straight men who want to wear pretty clothes and prance about. they don’t want to have sex with men, they just want to be gorgeous and beautiful and loved in the same way that many (but not all!) women long to be beautiful and gorgeous and admired.

gender has a lot to do with attention and attraction to things which are not inherently sexual. gender is about the identifications that societies or cultures attribute to objects.

for instance, many languages contain the notion of masculine and feminine objects that are identified with "articles" in advance to "sexually inform the listener of the word’s gender".

that is, the words for "the" and "a" or "an" in languages of latin origins and the like in english would read "dude car" or "lady moon". and every object word (nouns) we have in english would be broken up into "dude bar" or "lady disco", etc.

dude dog, lady cat : dude fork, lady spoon : dude building, lady office : dude sun, lady moon : dude war, lady peace etc.

can you genuinely imagine how interesting dude english would sound if we did that?
but that’s not all.
we need to lay down the next grammatical layer of gender bias that exists in language to see what it would really be like.

that is, in these same gender polar languages, from which english also descends (see, these gender discriminations and enforcements are quite endemic, really), the pronouns must also be tampered with to reflect this bipolar split — man/woman.

so pronouns in these languages have gender/sexual identification. we have to add sexual identification because now we are talking directly about living human objects, not just non-human objects.

english keeps these same pronouns.
but here’s the transliteration of the phrase from above which i will first repeat with the "gender" addition of the nouns>

can you genuinely imagine how interesting dude english would sound if we did that?
with the new additions:
can dudes you genuinely imagine how interesting dude english would sound if dudes we did that?

can dudes you get dude me dude’s point?

literally, that’s what the inbuilt gender/sexual discrimination actually looks like.
it’s a bit laborious, isn’t it?

so we are breaking down language while we catch up to the areas that have already broken back down to reality — there have ALWAYS been humans of every sexual orientation!!!

we know this from legend and myth. we know this from stories and histories.
we know that gender has always played a HUGE role in the basic war between the sexes.

but we also know that the war between the sexes can end.

and we are discovering that the range of human sexuality and identification goes far beyond sex identification. we are discovering that the expression of sexuality and sex are actually very different and should be given the room and expansive arena to make more of itself.

and this is amazing to witness — to see the transgender movement and the anti-bullying campaigns bringing safety and protection to these beautiful and different people who have been persecuted and shamed in the past.

it is wise to remember that the oracles of delphi were hermaphrodites and considered gifts from the gods. it is important to honor and hold dear those human creatures who stand out differently from the rest for they are truly a gift!!! they are a unique manifestation of the human possibility.

and i, for one, know a bunch of straight people who are barely hanging on to their identification as "straight" people. and it’s not sex that is making their hold so tenuous. it’s the restrictive nature of tight definitions surrounding GENDER, not sex, which is really changing.

men and women should be free to wear what they want to wear. men and women should be allowed to be beautiful and feminine. women and men should be allowed to be masculine. if you can grow a mustache, you shouldn’t be persecuted for having lip hair.

in my dreams, i want to see women who have mustaches growing them out and being proud and sexy for having them. if a man wants to swish his hips and walk like a panther, others shouldn’t be so threatened that they feel violence. instead, they should acknowledge that the violence they are feeling is a war in their own heart — it is their desire for another bucking up against preconceived ideas about how their desire for another is wrong.

we are all just here to feel the wind.
it is not a long journey for any individual.

the rainbow flag belongs to all peace warriors — regardless of sex/gender orientation. this flag is about all the skin colors of the human world celebrating life and happiness and love and unity. it’s not about exclusion OR inclusion. it’s about being next to one another and being different and still being able to wave in the wind as one.

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Unique Gift Ideas
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Unique Gift Ideas
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Polymer clay creation 100% handmade …

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