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Eat Your Heart Out, Welch’s!

A few nice Homemade Gifts images I found:

Eat Your Heart Out, Welch’s!
Homemade Gifts
Image by yummysmellsca
A mix of ready-to-eat and unripe Concord grapes from our backyard vineyard made for a perfectly set, tangy jam that I canned to give away for Christmas gifts! I have another 5 lbs of grapes in the freezer for a second batch!

Apple-Mince Pie
Homemade Gifts
Image by yummysmellsca
Happy holidays, everyone!

A layer of crisp, tart apple slices lines the bottom of this mincemeat pie, made with my vegan, home-made green tomato mincemeat and a part-buckwheat crust. It’ll be a welcome addition to this year’s Christmas dinner!


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Gift from the Heart

A few nice Homemade Gifts images I found:

Gift from the Heart
Homemade Gifts
Image by a4gpa

Barley & Dried Fruit Cookies
Homemade Gifts
Image by yummysmellsca
Crispy cookies with wholegrain bulgur and barley, diced dates and raisins, and a touch of almond flavour from Amoré Almonds + Dairy.

2 tbsp homemade egg replacer
⅓ cup sugar
⅓ cup dark brown sugar, packed
2 tbsp canola oil
½ cup whole milk or Amoré Almonds + Dairy
1 tbsp vanilla
1 ¾ cups barley flour
½ cup flour
½ tsp baker’s ammonia (or baking powder)
½ tsp baking soda
pinch salt
½ cup raisins
½ cup diced dates
½ cup bulgur

Bake at 375°F (190°C) for 10 minutes. Cool on the sheet.

Cupcake card and matching magnet
Homemade Gifts
Image by vic_burton
The cupcake parts were cut from paint sample cards! I covered an old flexible magnet with a matching design as a little gift to go inside the card.

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154. rabbit heart (raise it up)

Check out these Gift Ideas images:

154. rabbit heart (raise it up)
Gift Ideas
Image by ben matthews :::
here I am, a rabbit hearted girl;
frozen in the headlights
it seems i’ve made the final sacrifice.

We raise it up, this offering.

this is a gift, it comes with a price.
who is the lamb and who is the knife?
midas is king and he holds me so tight,
and turns me to gold in the sunlight.

florence and the machine.

so i finally remembered my last thoughts from yesterdays post – i have no idea how it managed to slip my mind…

regular readers may know that i am not a patient driver. i am not overly aggressive, i just dislike bad driving. so imagine my consternation driving home from my grandparents yesterday when a car appeared in my rear-view mirror, racing rapidly up my backside.

i was overtaking at the time, so i continued (going a fraction above the speedlimit myself anyway) until i had passed them. at this point he was maybe half a car length behind me. when i pulled in, he shot past me, and roared into guildford. through roundabouts and traffic lights, i ended up directly behind him, apparently finally justifying my mother’s constant cries in similar situations of "he won’t get there any faster…."

so it seemed we were taking a similar route home, but he was still being a fool – he was in a souped up subaru, he was reving, spinning wheels, squealing round corners, the works (at least, the works if you’re a bit of a wally). eventually he pulled up about 100yards from my house. this seemed to be the point where i had decided i was tired of breathing. in my furious state, i decided to pull in behind him, and have a chat….

heart pounding, i got out of my car, and approached his window. turns out he wasn’t much smaller than me, skin-headed, and covered in tats. the only thing going for me was he also looked about 12. and petrified. i have no idea why. i explained, politely, yet firmly, that i did not appreciate him sniffing my arse as i drove home, and that in his expensive and lovely car, driving like an idiot would either kill him, or someone else. he sat there shaking, and apologising…. i almost felt sorry for him…. almost.

so i survived – got back in my car, and drove home, legs shaking, and heart pounding. i’ve never felt so terrified, but also victorious! however, i was lucky, and no matter how irritated i was, i shall not be doing it again….

Cheap, Re-Useable Gift Bags
Gift Ideas
Image by Ann Douglas
I turned these 99 cent re-usable grocery bags (that hold up to 50 lbs.) into gift bags this week. They looked really cool.

Day 1 ornament
Gift Ideas
Image by hownowdesign
To ring in the holidays, I’m planning to make one ornament per weekday for the next 20 days and will post them on my blog, Aesthetic Outburst. This is ornament ONE (and also the ornament I made for the 2010 Freshly Blended ornament swap).

Blank porcelain ball: AC Moore
Paint marker (DecoColor Opaque Paint Marker- fine line in black): AC Moore craft store.
Green ribbon: AC Moore

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For a First-Time Grandma: Gifts to Touch Her Heart

The time when a woman becomes a grandmother for the first time is special. Yes, she has probably been a mother for quite a while, which is a very different kind of blessing. But being a grandmother is something altogether different. An opportunity to share a bond with a new child brought into the world by your very own child. And while that precious boy or girl is technically not yours, in many ways he or she is endeared to you even more so.

And then there is the realization. The realization that while you could potentially experience the love of many grandchildren in the future, you will only ever cherish the role of first-time grandma this once. And what a noble, beautiful and rewarding role it is. In fact, first-time grandmothers deserve a moment of celebration and we have some awesome ideas up our sleeve.

Instead of falling prey to the myth that grandmothers are notoriously difficult to shop for, let the Gift Advisors at The Bradford Exchange help you find a personalized present that is perfect for first-time grandmas. One that will truly touch her heart.

Here are a couple of our top gifts for first-time grandmothers:

Grandma Blesses Our Lives with Love Personalized Ornament

Brighten her first Christmas as a grandmother! This hand-blown glass Christmas ornament will look so beautiful on her tree. And with its thoughtful glittering sentiment, it’s such a magical way to honor her too. The new grandmother’s name graces a heart-shaped charm hanging from the top of the ornament – a wonderful personal touch. Best of all, this holiday treasure warmly illuminates and sparkles from within, all conveniently controlled with a built-in 24-hour timer. You can even make a grand presentation with the included custom-designed keepsake box.

Grandmother and Granddaughter Personalized Music Box

A tuneful tribute to a first-time grandmother! The meaningful relationship between a granddaughter and her grandmother grows sweeter each day. This elegant mirrored glass music box expresses the importance of that bond with its lovely etched sentiment and complementing poem card. You can even personalize its heart charm with the new grandmother’s name, so she knows it’s just for her. And when she hears this keepsake play “You Are So Beautiful,” she will instantly consider all the wonderful years she will have getting to know the most recent beautiful blessing in her life.

Not to be left out are our seasoned grandmothers – proud, beautiful and strong women whose children have blessed them with entire households of precious grandchildren over the years. Whether grandma has 3 grandkids she likes to spoil, or even 23, there are meaningful personalized gifts that perfectly celebrate her important place in the family. Here are just a few:

Grandma’s Heart Full of Love Personalized Pendant Necklace

Fill grandma’s heart with love – personalize this necklace with up to 12 crystal birthstones symbolizing each special grandchild.

Family of Love Personalized Pendant Necklace

Create a wearable family tree for grandma – personalize this necklace with up to 7 crystal birthstones and 7 engraved names to honor each loved one.

Love of Family Personalized Pendant Necklace

Share a gorgeous expression of family love with grandma, inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou – personalize this necklace with up to 8 crystal birthstones and 8 engraved names.

Whether she’s a first-time grandmother or a grandmother many times over, the devotion and dedication she expresses for each individual grandchild is a beautiful thing. It’s practically a work of art. That’s probably why we love and respect our grandmothers so very much. Why not take a second to realize just how grand they truly are?

We sincerely hope this hand-selected list was helpful. Please like and share this post.

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Top 5 Personalized Gifts for Him: Thoughtful Expressions from Your Heart

When it comes to finding gifts for the special men in our lives, there is one thing that unites us all: our search for connection. We instinctively shop for gifts that might remind him why our bond is so important. Truth be told, many of us would love nothing more than to have him open a gift from us and instantly know our heart. That unique connection truly is giving in its purest form.

But giving a gift like that requires thought and planning and preparation, right?

We want to make that connection.

We want to impress him.

We want him to recognize our efforts.

We want him to realize how much we care.

This is exactly how we can help!

No matter the occasion, be it Father’s Day, Christmas, a birthday, or anniversary, The Bradford Exchange is a great place to find a meaningful gift for him. We offer selections created specifically for fathers, sons, grandsons, husbands, and friends – each one an amazing way to connect over the bond you share. In fact, one of the most unique ways to tell him exactly how you feel is with one of our personalized gifts.

Personalization makes already extraordinary gifts even better. Just imagine giving him a gift that appeals to his specific sense of style, his values, or personality. Now, imagine if that same gift was created just for him because it features his initials, or name, or a special message from you. Wouldn’t he be overwhelmed knowing you put the extra thought, care, and time into helping make his gift a one-of-a-kind? Scroll down to check out 5 of our top personalized gifts for him. We hope these exciting finds help make your gift buying and gift-giving experience pleasurable. And we especially hope these unique presents will let him know your heart, reminding him of your devotion for many years to come.

1. Our Forever Love Personalized Ring

What a romantic way to share your love for him! This wedding band-style ring is handcrafted of solid tungsten, a highly prized metal harder than titanium, to symbolize the strength of your bond. It features a brushed metal center, handsomely contrasting with the outer polished bands. Best of all, the personalization you provide is engraved on the inner band. It could be your names, a significant date, or a special message – the choice is all yours. Plus, it arrives with a custom presentation box for gift giving.

2. USMC Personalized Tote Bag

Your Marine will love this canvas messenger bag! Not only is it a handsome tribute to the USMC with its full-color emblem, burnished metal stars, and the date the military branch was established, but it features his name on the front pocket. Officially licensed by the United States Marine Corps, it is expertly crafted of durable khaki canvas. And with its convenient shoulder straps and roomy interior space, he will want to carry it with him everywhere he goes.

3. Navy Values Personalized Thermometer Clock

It might be the perfect time to tell your sailor just how much he means to you! This distinctive wooden thermometer clock would look so great on the desk in his office or library. It proudly bears the U.S. Navy’s core values on a quartz-accurate analog timepiece with matching thermometer, dramatically shadowed with a sculptural crossed anchors design – the iconic symbol of this beloved military institution. Plus, a golden banner plaque across the bottom is personalized with his name and title.

4. Yesterday, Today and Forever Personalized Pendant Necklace

Give him a meaningful reminder of the times you’ve shared and the special moments yet to come! This handsome necklace makes an ideal gift for the man you love. The dog tag-style pendant is expertly handcrafted with gleaming stainless steel and ion-plated 24K-gold accents. It is engraved with his monogrammed initials across the front, while the reverse of the pendant is engraved with a thoughtful sentiment. He will always want to keep it close to his heart! Plus, it includes a presentation box and jewelry pouch to enhance your gift-giving.

5. USMC Pride Personalized Men’s Hoodie

Does he love to show off his Marine pride? Give him a handsome way to dress with Semper Fi style! This officially-licensed men’s hoodie is superbly crafted of easy-care cotton with a brushed fleece lining, providing both durability and comfort. Dramatically stirring eagle art is emblazoned across the back of the hoodie, including the iconic Marine emblem flag, which is replicated on the front, “standing” at perfect attention alongside your Marine’s name. Then, for a patriotic bit of flair an American flag patch graces the left sleeve.

Don’t forget, the thought and attention you put into his gift will always shine through. So, if you want to make a difference come to the next important occasion in your lives together, we hope you will consider one of our personalized gifts. Good luck and happy shopping! Please like and share this post.

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Top Romantic Gifts for Him: Occasions to Share Your Loving Heart

Love is always in the air. Just look closely and you will find it.

Was it fate that brought the two of you together? Kismet? Synchronicity? Maybe you were just “lucky in love”? Whatever or whoever you credit for your beloved union, there is one thing lovers can all agree on – that bond is a discovery more incredible and more precious than anything you ever imagined.

Now that you have found your soulmate, it is only natural to want to share your heart with him all the time. Particularly on special occasions. But what’s one of the most ideal way to do that? With a romantic gift!

Often we are compelled by our affection to do something special for him.

To share our feelings.

To say “I love you.”

The right romantic gift, given from the heart, can do all of those things. And more!

We know there are many different ways to express your undying love to the man who has captured your heart. The Bradford Exchange wants to help you find the perfect way. We have a longstanding reputation for helping our customers find loving gifts to express how they feel about their precious relationships.

Here are a few of our favorite choices for special occasions. Scroll down to check them out.

For You, Forever Men’s Watch – For Birthdays

Is it time for his next birthday? We have the perfect gift: a stylish timepiece that shares your forever love every second. Custom designed with a durable stainless steel case and a genuine diamond glittering from the face, this romantic men’s watch fits perfectly on his wrist with a fashionable brown leather band. But wait until he sees the etched inscription on the back. The heartfelt reminder of your endless devotion is sure to put a big birthday smile on his face. Arrives in a velvet jeweler’s pouch and custom gift box.

Timeless Love Personalized Diamond Ring – For Anniversaries

Now that you’ve tied the knot, this attractive diamond ring is a thoughtful way to honor your anniversary. Handcrafted with 24K gold ion-plated stainless steel symbolizing your strong bond, and it sparkles with 3 genuine diamonds to represent the commitment of your loving relationship – today, tomorrow and always. Best of all, you can have the inside of the band engraved with your 2 names, an important date or a meaningful message, so it is personalized for him alone. Arrives with a custom gift box to accentuate the giving of your anniversary gift.

Today, Tomorrow and Always My Love Diamond Bracelet – For Valentine’s Day

Cupid is sure to make a direct hit with this romantic bracelet for him! Handcrafted of solid stainless steel, it gleams with 24K-gold ion-plated accents and elegantly profiles 3 sparkling genuine diamonds front and center to remind him that your love is not just for today, or tomorrow, but for always. To make it an even more meaningful Valentine’s Day gift, the back is engraved with a declaration of your love. Includes a velvet jewelry pouch and custom gift box for a handsome presentation.

Thanks for letting us share some of our most romantic gifts with you. We sincerely hope we can help you make him feel loved. Special occasions are certainly important opportunities to share your feelings, but remember, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion – everyday surprises usually pack even a bigger punch.

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