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Cool Gift Ideas images

Check out these Gift Ideas images:

City of the Future: Second Class at Tam High
Gift Ideas
Image by fabola
Our after-school students at Tam High are building a City of the Future together, using arts and electronics to make a model of what our world may be like in 100 years.

In our second class, they designed the city they envision for this project and took turns discussing their ideas with each other. In their post-apocalyptic scenario, the rich are separated from the poor, who mine the sea floor and are oppressed by a government run by machines.

They also picked characters and objects for their city — some of which will be laser cut and printed in 3D. Next, they learned to solder stick figures out of copper wire, then made light circuits with LEDs and batteries. Finally, they added these lights to their futuristic homes, which they continued to decorate with gift wrapping paper, art supplies and everyday objects.

We have a great group of eight middle school students, ages 12 to 14, in this after-school class. Through this course, students will develop a range of skills, from creative expression to science and engineering (STEAM). And they will learn to create their own interactive art with simple electronics, in a playful way that makes learning more fun.

View more photos of our Maker Art course at Tam High:

Preview their City of the Future in our class slides:

Learn more about our City of the Future course:

Here is the course schedule for the Tam High students:

Learn more about our Maker Art courses:

Old Wood Door Window and Stone
Gift Ideas
Image by Striking Photography by Bo Insogna
This is an old building up in the Rocky Mountains in Rollinsville with peeling wood on a door and old wood window and stone. This was at one time a winter summer place for skates to bait. I have been to this place many times and it is funny how all of sudden you notice something cool that has been there the whole time.…

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Nice Gift Ideas photos

Check out these Gift Ideas images:

Borden Legacy Monument Unveiling – June 2016
Gift Ideas
Image by antefixus21
June 9, 2016 – Ottawa – National Defence / Canadian Armed Forces. This short vid shows the unveiling.

As part of the Government of Canada’s commitment to honour the service of our women and men in uniform, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today visited Canadian Forces Base Borden to participate in the unveiling of the new Borden Legacy Monument, part of the CFB Borden Centennial Celebrations.

The monument is a gift from the local communities of Simcoe County to honour the two million sons and daughters of Canada who have trained at CFB Borden over the last 100 years. It will continue to pay tribute to the over 20,000 sailors, soldiers and aviators per year who train at the base to serve this country.

During the unveiling, an urn containing battlefield soil patriated from Vimy, France, was enshrined in a niche in the monument. More than 66,000 Canadians made the ultimate sacrifice in the First World War, including at the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

“Today, we all come together to take part in these centennial celebrations, united in common purpose. The Borden Legacy Monument is a fitting honour to those who serve in uniform to protect our values and way of life at home and abroad.”

Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada
“The monument unveiled at Borden today, during the Centennial celebrations, is a longstanding symbol of honour and remembrance bestowed upon all the women and men who wear the uniform in service to Canada. It demonstrates one community’s proud commitment to and passion for the Canadian Armed Forces.”

Harjit S. Sajjan, Defence Minister
“On behalf of the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces, I am honoured by this gift to CFB Borden. Those involved in the Legacy Project, led by Honorary Colonel Jamie Massie, have thereby shown the greatest respect to our military personnel – those who have come before, who are here today, and who will serve Canada in the future.”

General Jonathan Vance, Chief of the Defence Staff
Quick Fact
The battlefield soil was retrieved from Vimy, France, in June 2015, during a ceremony attended by Lawrence Cannon, Canadian Ambassador to France, a delegation from Simcoe County, members from Base Borden, French Forces, and the Vimy Foundation.…

Article by: Bob Bruton, Barrie Examiner Mon. Dec. 15, 2014.

Canadians who have gone to war during the last century, and those who will go in the next one, will be honoured by a new monument at the Angus gate of Canadian Forces Base Borden.

“What I want to do is pay honour to the history to the people who served our country 100 years ago,” said Honourary Col. Jamie Massie, of the Borden Legacy Project. “And a 100 years from now I want soldiers to go through those gates and to be motivated and inspired by this monument.

“To me it’s about being Canadian and serving the Canadian Forces.”

CFB Borden’s 100th anniversary is 2016, when a century ago, the base was training soldiers for the First World War.

Massie, who spoke to Barrie city council Monday night about the legacy project, noted many of the Canadian troops who went overseas from 1916 until 1918 were trained at Borden – where the original training trenches were restored in 2011.

“You go look at these trenches and how they trained, their optimism about going there,” he said, “and then they show up there and ended up with these absolutely devastating conditions of battle.”

Many who trained at Borden also fought at the Battle of Vimy Ridge, April 9-12, 1917, when 15,000 Canadian infantry overran the Germans, but with a terrible toll – 3,598 soldiers killed and 7,000 wounded (Canadian War Museum, Tim Cook).

It was that battle which changed Canada from a British colony into a nation, as noted by Gen. Arthur Currie, commander of the Canadian Corps during the latter part of the war.

And Massie said it’s only fitting that the monument contain Currie’s words.

“To those who fall I say, ‘You will not die, but step into immortality. Your mothers will not lament your fate, but will have been proud to have borne such sons. Your names will be revered for ever and ever by your grateful country, and God will take you unto Himself.’”

Massie also has a personal connection to Vimy Ridge. His grandfather fought there with the 48th Highlanders and lost his left leg during the battle

“He lay bleeding in the mud for 18 hours before they picked him up. Then they took him and they cut his leg off,” Massie said.

His father also trained at Borden and served in the Second World War.

The monument will include soil from the Vimy battlefield, with the French government’s permission, that Massie himself will travel to France next June to collect along with other dignitaries.

“It (the soil) represents not just the DNA of those 3,500 who died and 7,000 wounded, but represents the repatriation of Canadian soldiers, who were lost and buried and forgotten,” said Massie. “To me the monument will inspire and motivate because we are living to the standard that Gen. Currie promised his troops, that we wouldn’t forget them.”

The monument will be created by Marlene Hilton Moore, a local artist who creates public art with striking human figures and architectural forms, along with personal art in on-going exhibitions in galleries and museums.

Her Borden Legacy Project will include walls of highly polished black granite, wings of white granite and a First World War bugler. Beyond the bugler will be a contemplation area, nestled among maple trees and four, black, polished granite benches.

“The idea is to create a place where. . .you can have a very quiet and beautiful place to sit and contemplate the meaning of the monument,” Hilton Moore said.

“It will be a reflection point, a chance to think of how lucky we are to have the freedom that we have,” Massie said.

The monument will be paid for with privately donated funds, and Massie said most of the money has already been raised.

“This is an opportunity for our community to say thank you for 100 years,” he said. “All of these people have trained at the base and they have all done their part to bring us the freedom that we share, and we all live with freedom, we live with democracy and we have justice and rule of law, which is what makes us Canadian.”

Base Borden is also an economic driver in the community, with 950 soldiers who work at Base Borden that live in Barrie with their families.

On June 1, 2016 some of the Vimy soil will be left with Barrie’s Cenotaph, when it’s relocated in Memorial Square. The Vimy soil will then be marched back to Base Borden on a gun carriage.

The Borden Legacy Project will be unveiled in mid-June 2016, marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of CFB Borden.

Soil from Vimy Ridge to be featured in Borden memorial
Nov. 2014, Barrie Advance Article by Laurie Watt
As the CFB Borden turns 100, Grey and Simcoe Foresters Major John Fisher unveiled a project to commemorate not only the base, but the local people who trained there and fought in the First World War.

Known as the Borden Legacy Project, the memorial –— designed by nationally acclaimed, local sculptor Marlene Hilton Moore –— will include some Vimy Ridge soil and serve as a gateway to restored trenches rediscovered a few years ago, just inside the base’s Angus gates.

“The legacy project is the creation and donation of a large, beautiful memorial tied into the Vimy trenches that have been restored. It’s a memorial to all those who’ve served since 1916,” Grey and Simcoe Foresters Maj. John Fisher said.

“Its two walls with inscriptions on them, are dark and light granite. They’re long and angled — a sculpture more than a chunk of rock. There’ll be a large bronze bugler on a base as well. The pathways to the back will lead into the Vimy trenches.

“It will be quite the emotive experience as you walk through this and into the woods and into the trenches, where the soldiers trained before they went over to France.”

Announced at the Spirit Catcher Awards gala in Barrie Tuesday night, the 0,000 project celebrates the link between the base and Barrie, where the Simcoe Foresters were based in the Mulcaster Street armoury.

Fisher recalled the historic night, Jan. 27, 1912, when Minister of Military and Defence Sir Sam Hughes announced a new base would be built on the Simcoe Pines Plain and a new armoury would be built in Queen’s Park in Barrie. The announcement occurred at a regimental dinner at the Queen’s Hotel and set in motion the construction of the armouries, which opened in 1915, and the base, which opened in 1916.

Fisher added the project will also celebrate the many men who fought and died in France.

“Thirty-six battalions left Barrie between mid-September and mid-November 1916 and they went to England and then broken up and sent into France,” said Fisher, recalling the 157th and 177th Simcoe Foresters and the 147th and 248th Grey Battalions.

The face of the project will be Leonard Webster, a Penetanguishene boy who went overseas as a captain with the 157th, the founding battalion of CFB Borden, and who died three days after arriving in Vimy.

Soil from Vimy Ridge to be featured in Borden memorial

Stan Howe

A new memorial is planned for the entrance to Base Borden. Major John Fisher presented the design, featuring an inscribed wall and a statue of a bugler.

I Do Victoria
Gift Ideas
Image by myvirtuallady
Makes a truly unique and personal wedding gift with I Do Victoria. A lasting memory Design for Everyone from the engagement to the Wedding Day.

Victoria 4th of July
Gift Ideas
Image by myvirtuallady
Like Victoria for the 4th of July, show you support for Independence Day with this American Flag style design.

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Cool Gift Ideas images

Check out these Gift Ideas images:

Animal Safari Keepsake Hand Made Baby Sweater – The Perfect Baby Shower Gift
Gift Ideas
Image by purplemtnbaby
You will be the talk of the baby shower when you give this adorable handmade baby sweater for a baby boy. Hand crochet safari animals adorn the front, back and sleeves. 100% Cotton (hand picked Peruvian cotton.)

Coordinates with other Purple Mountain items: baby blanket, romper and back zip hooded baby sweater. Offered in blue for boys or pink for girls.

Find more keepsake baby knit gift ideas at
Purple Mountain Baby.

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Nice Design Gift Ideas

Check out these Design Gift Ideas images:

minimal easter
Design Gift Ideas
Image by hownowdesign
A visit from the minimalist easter rabbit. aesthetic outburst

Pataphysical Time Travel
Design Gift Ideas
Image by fabola
The good doctors at Pataphysical Studios gathered at Dr. Rindbrain and Dr. Judy’s home on a rainy Saturday to contemplate the passage of time and make art about it.

We celebrated Dr. Skidz’ 70th birthday in style, with small gifts ranging from an illuminated tie to an antique telephone, hearty spirits, a nice chocolate cake and stock in the Mind Shaft Society.

We then discussed our first sketches and models for the Time Machine — and sketched out more ideas about our next pataphysical invention.

We enjoyed this opportunity to cheer our old friend and design our upcoming time travel experience together.

Fire in the hole!

View more ‘Pataphysical photos:

View our Time Machine slides:…

View more Time Machine photos:

Learn more about Pataphysical Studios:

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Cool Gift Ideas images

A few nice Gift Ideas images I found:

“Bad Ass” Aggie Ring Goes to the Art Deco Edison Memorial Tower and “Big Ass Lightbulb!”
Gift Ideas
Image by flickr4jazz
I could tell that Aggie Ring was impressed. After several moments of silence he spoke out and said, “If my Eyes of Texas aren’t deceiving me, that’s the biggest damn lightbulb I’ve ever seen! I guess it’s true… Everything IS bigger in Jersey!”

The Aggie Ring woke me up early this morning. In fact it was even before 11:30 a.m. so I knew he wanted to do something. I asked the Aggie Ring, “What do you want to do Aggie Ring?” The Aggie Ring replied, “I want to go see the lightbulb!” I wasn’t sure what he was talking about so I said, “What lightbulb?” The Aggie Ring said with emphasis, “Let there be LIGHT!” Then it hit me. Aggie Ring wanted to drive him up the Parkway to the site of Thomas A. Edison’s Menlo Park laboratory so he could see the Art Deco Edison Memorial Tower and “Big Ass Lightbulb!”

Other than the time he told me that he thought Elvis took our change in a tollbooth on the New Jersey State Turnpike, Aggie Ring has great ideas. It’s only about a 20 to 25 minute drive up the Parkway from our house so Aggie Ring and I set off to see the Edison Memorial Tower. The last time we’d been there it had been in horrible shape and they were beginning work on restoring it. That was a bit over a year ago so I assumed that Aggie Ring figured out that they would be finished with the conservation work on the historical site.

When we drove down the little side street where the tower is located the Aggie Ring was overwhelmed with awe at the restored site. Aggie Ring was truly “speechless!” It’s just as beautiful as the day it was built. They did an incredible job on the restoration. After a few moments sitting in the car just looking out the window Aggie Ring broke his silence and asked me, “Did you bring a cigar? Edison loved his cigars and I think he’d have wanted you to smoke a cigar while you’re looking the place over.” Unfortunately I had left my cigars at home so the Edison “smoke out” will have to happen on a future date.

The laboratory building is no longer at this site but it’s still impressive to think of not only the electric lightbulb, but all of the other great inventions that Mr. Edison invented here. Aggie Ring said, “Imagine. He did all this stuff without the help of an Aggie Ring!”

The Aggie Ring and I walked around the tower and took some photos of the “Big Ass Lightbulb” and the historical plaques at its base. The Aggie Ring and I are planning on going back some evening when the lightbulb is illuminated. Aggie Ring said, “It would be cool if you could get a photo during a thunderstorm when there’s lightning behind the tower.” I told Aggie Ring, “You’re crazy! I’m not standing out in a field during a lightning storm with an Aggie Ring on my finger! Maybe if we can get a VMI grad to come with us. Their rings are so damn big a lightning bolt would hit one of them before us!”

Aggie Ring said, “It’s a good thing Edison invented the lightbulb or there’d be a lot of Waggies drinking their tequila shots by candlelight!” I told the Aggie Ring, “True… Those Waggies love their tequila the invention of the lightbulb makes it a lot easier for them to pour the tequila and do body shots!”

Aggie Ring asked me to provide some info on the Edison “Big Ass Lightbulb” Memorial Tower for your educational enlightenment (“Get it?” Aggie Ring said):

Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower and Menlo Park Museum, New Jersey

"Let there be light." Thomas Alva Edison’s Menlo Park Laboratory and Memorial Tower. Those of us on the Jersey Shore call it the "Big Ass Lightbulb!”

The Edison Tower, located on the site of the original laboratory at Menlo Park, New Jersey, to which Thomas Alva Edison moved in 1876, was erected in 1937 as a monument to the great inventor. The Tower is the gift of William Slocum Barstow to the Thomas Alva Edison Foundation Incorporated in behalf of the Edison Pioneers. It was dedicated on February 11, 1838, the ninety-first anniversary of the inventor’s birth.

Rising 131 ft. 4 in. above the ground, the tower looms as the highest discernible object for many miles. Surmounting the 117 ft. 8 in. concrete-slab structure is a 13 ft. 8 in. replica of the original incandescent lamp which, when illuminated, can be seen for a distance of several miles. It once served as an airplane beacon. The Tower is designed for pressure of wind at a velocity of 120 miles per hour. In its construction, which consumed slightly less than eight months, approximately 1200 barrels of Edison Portland cement and 50 tons of reinforced steel were used.

The large bulb on top of the Tower was cast by the Corning Glass Works. The replica bulb contains 153 separate pieces of amber tinted Pyrex glass, 2 in. thick, set upon a steel frame. The bulb is 5 ft. in diameter at the neck and 9 ft. 2 in. in diameter at the greatest width and weighs, without the steel frame on which it is placed, in excess of three tons. Before the restoration, inside this Pyrex glass bulb were four 1000 watt bulbs, four 200 watt bulbs, and four 100 watt bulbs. A duplicate of each was arranged as automatically to cut in should its companion bulb fail.

The Edison Tower has been completely restored and when complete, the bulb is now illuminated with modern Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Mr. Edison would be pleased with this, I’m sure.

While we don’t have any records of exactly what was said when Mr. Edison perfected his invention, I suspect one of his workers shouted out something like this: “Holy Mother of Baby Jesus on a Donkey!” “Mr. Edison, You’ve done it!!! You’ve perfected the Electric Light!!! You truly are King of Kings!!!!”

The tower is located on a mysterious plot of land and exactly at midnight on the night of a full moon, it would be a perfect site for the ritual sacrifice of virgins. Too bad we don’t have any of those in New Jersey! 🙂


Aggie Ring says, “The Road Goes On Forever, and the Party Never Ends!”

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Unique Design Design Gift Ideas

Some cool Design Gift Ideas images:

Laguna de Flamenco
Design Gift Ideas
Image by The Lone Beader
This design has been discontinued.

Orca Task Force at Swinomish
Design Gift Ideas
Image by Backbone Campaign
August 28, 2018

Great welcoming action to bolster today’s Orca Task for meeting at the Swinimosh Nation near Anacortes! Two giant banners, our giant salmon and orca inflatables and orca clad activists from across the region greeted attendees.

Mumblings after the meeting are that the public is speaking eloquently, but the leaders aren’t saying much that impresses. By design, 40 stakeholder groups will never acheive consensus and their non-binding recommendations have the potential to merely camoflage a lack of actual leadership by the people with the power – but not necessarily the inclination toward making tough, decisive choices. Most important amongst such leaders is Governor Jay Inslee.

Gov. Inslee spoke these prophetic words, "As go the Orca, so go We."
It sems that in his heart he knows it is time for bold action. It is time that he get comfortable with the idea that that leadership must start with him.

The obvious, most impactful decision he can make is to remove the Lower Snake River dams. They don’t pencil out. The power is more replacable than ever despite BPA protestations. The barge transport can be replaced with rail through the purchase and restoration of service on the Camas Prairie Railroad. Irrigation and other issues are solvable. What is truly irreplacable are the orca and the chinook salmon they depend upon.

The Orca task force is not a solution, but it is a gift, in that it provides the public and advocacy organizations an organizing opportunity to build upon the clarion call to action made by orca mother Tahlequah and her pod.

Tahlequah did her part. It is time that we do ours. "When the People Lead, the Leaders Follow." So, let’s keep escalating our calls for bold and urgent action, so that Governor Inslee and other leaders understand that successful implementation of dam removal is an existential requirement for them to remain politically relevant – now – and to future generations.

Forward Together!

Bill Moyer
reporting back from Swinomish Land

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Cool Design Gift Ideas images

A few nice Design Gift Ideas images I found:

09 Walt Disney Hall – Stairs (E)
Design Gift Ideas
Image by Kansas Sebastian
Walt Disney Concert Hall, 1999-2003
Frank O Gehry
111 S Grand Avenue

The Walt Disney Concert Hall at 111 South Grand Avenue in Downtown Los Angeles, California is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center. Bounded by Hope Street, Grand Avenue, 1st and 2nd Streets, it seats 2,265 people and serves (among other purposes) as the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra and the Los Angeles Master Chorale.

Lillian Disney made an initial gift in 1987 to build a world-class performance venue as a gift to the people of Los Angeles and a tribute to Walt Disney’s devotion to the arts. The Frank Gehry-designed building opened on October 23 2003. While the architecture (as with other Gehry works) evoked polarized opinions, the acoustics of the concert hall (designed by Yasuhisa Toyota) were widely praised in contrast to its predecessor, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.


Architecture Style.

Much of Gehry’s work falls within the style of Deconstructivism. Decontructivism, also known as DeCon Architecture, is often referred to as post-structuralist in nature for its ability to go beyond current modalities of structural definition. In architecture, its application tends to depart from modernism in its inherent criticism of culturally inherited givens such as societal goals and functional necessity. Because of this, unlike early modernist structures, DeCon structures are not required to reflect specific social or universal ideas, such as speed or universality of form, and they do not reflect a belief that form follows function. Gehry’s own Santa Monica residence is a commonly cited example of deconstructivist architecture, as it was so drastically divorced from its original context, and, in such a manner, as to subvert its original spatial intention.


Pataphysical Time
Design Gift Ideas
Image by fabola
We spent another magnificent afternoon at Pataphysical Studios this Saturday, making art together … and playing at the edges of time.

Our visitors this week were Jim Neidhardt (now Dr. Neidhardt) and his lovely wife Denise (Dr. Now?), longtime friends of Drs. Rindbrain, Skidz and the Queen of the Desert. Jim showed us the ‘hypno-disks’ he is working on to create experiences like this surreal Duchamp film, Anemic Cinema:

We had a great conversation and I knew they were like-minded folks when Dr. Neidhardt and I both exclaimed at the same time the same exact phrase: “Life IS Change!”. Jim is interested in contributing to our madcap art adventure, so stay tuned. Learn more about his work at:

Throughout the day, we brainstormed more ideas for our new Time Machine, while working on sundry maker art projects:
• Dr. Rindbrain and Canard put the finishing touches on their music box
• Drs. Figurine and Heatshrink prepared to assemble a theremin together
• Dr. Fabio drew a first sketch of what a time controller might look like
• Dr. Igor and Heatshrink both gave Dr. Figurine nice gifts for her birthday
• Dr. Tout de Suite considered lighting up her goggles, chose to paint instead
• Dr. Zboon discussed time travel and made a birthday card for his friend Ernesto
• Dr. Canard created a colorful zen map, inviting other doctors to art it up
• Dr. Rindbrain added more rainbow-colored lights to the Time Machine framework

It was great to stretch out to the edges of time and back again in the company of my friends.

Fire in the hole!

View more ‘Pataphysical photos:

Watch ‘Pataphysical videos:

Learn more about Pataphysical Studios:

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A Freilichen Purim! Gift Basket Ideas to Celebrate Spring, Community and Life’s Joys

Late winter and early spring are, for everyone, imbued with a sense of rebirth and excitement. It’s a time to escape the long winter—and look forward to the light. For the Jewish people, though, it means something more. It is the time for Purim, to celebrate when they were saved from annihilation at the hands of the Persians. It’s more than a party for the rebirth of spring; it is celebrating the miracle of existence. And what a celebration it…

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