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7 Best Gifts for Daughters in 2021

A daughter is a gift. Her parents would certainly say so. Her grandparents too. There is only one of her in the entire world. So, what do you give to someone so singularly special when you want her to know how special she is? The thought could boggle the mind. But it doesn’t have to.

When it comes to finding a gift for your daughter, there are many to choose from. However, there are fewer options that truly convey the importance of the relationship you share. Gifts that by their very nature are an expression of the bond you share. But those are precisely the gifts she will remember for years to come. Every time she puts on that beautiful piece of distinctive jewelry. Every time she glances over at the thoughtful keepsake given to her from her parents. If you’re wondering where to find gifts like that, we invite you to keep reading.

We’ve put together a list of our 7 Best Gifts for Daughters in 2021. Three of them are gifts of fine jewelry. Four of them are heirloom-quality keepsakes. All of them are gifts created to celebrate daughters. Gifts to help you share your heart with her. Gifts that will always remind her how thrilled you are to have her in your life. Take a look at our picks below. We’re sure you’ll find something extraordinary for the girl that has had your heart since the day she was born.

Jewelry Gifts for Your Daughter

You Color My World Pendant Necklace

You Color My World Pendant Necklace

She brings so much color to your world, now you can do the same for her! This truly unique necklace features a real-working kaleidoscope pendant with a heart-shaped window so your daughter can peer inside. Vivid colored crystals create beautiful patterns as she rotates the 24K gold ion-plated end cap. And the best part is, she can take this reminder of your love everywhere. Arrives with a gift box and a heartfelt poem card.

I Love You to the Moon and Back Daughter Diamond Earrings

I Love You to the Moon and Back Daughter Diamond Earrings

This celestial gift will have your daughter smiling from ear to ear! A glittering expression of your enduring love, this pretty pair of solid sterling silver earrings features a unique crescent moon design. Inside the moon, on each stud earring, is a graceful open heart that holds a dazzling genuine diamond inside. Won’t she be so surprised! This perfect pair even includes a loving sentiment card and a keepsake box for gift giving.

Always My Daughter Diamond Bracelet

Always My Daughter Diamond Bracelet

Wherever life takes her, your daughter will forever be in your heart. Why not share how you feel with this dazzling double heart bracelet. Handcrafted with gleaming sterling silver plating, it conveys the meeting of your two hearts with its symbolic design. Plus, it is set with 2 genuine solitaire diamonds as the emphasis of the loving statement. There’s even a special engraving inside that she will treasure. Includes a custom gift box and jewelry pouch.

Heirloom Keepsake Gifts for Your Daughter

Love You Always Music Box

Love You Always Music Box

A rose by any name would still pale in comparison to the beauty of your daughter. Why not reflect her beauty with this Swiss-inspired antique-style wooden music box. When she glimpses the classic rose artwork and sweet sentiment on the lid, she will be touched. When she hears the melody of “You Are So Beautiful,” she will be moved. And when she reads the special keepsake poem card, she will know your love is something she can always count on.

My Daughter, You Are My Sunshine Glitter Globe

My Daughter, You Are My Sunshine Glitter Globe

Light up your daughter’s heart and her home with this heirloom-quality musical glitter globe. The smiling sun inside perfectly expresses the way she always seems to always brighten your world. With just a shake, a shower of cheerful glitter swirls around inside, all to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine.” It even says “I Love You” on the base to remind her of your devotion every day. Includes a touching poem card to accentuate your gift giving.

A Year of Wishes Music Box

A Year Of Wishes Music Box

What if you could give your daughter a wish for every day of the year? That’s exactly what’s hidden inside this Heirloom Porcelain® wish jar created just for her. Printed on elegant pink parchment paper, each of the 365 messages are meant to deliver blessings and inspiration throughout the year. How beautiful it will look in her home, sparkling with hand-set Swarovski® crystals and simulated gems. And in case she needs a reminder, it plays the tender melody of “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?”

My Daughter, I Love You Forever Candleholder

My Daughter, I Love You Forever Candleholder

Give your beloved daughter a glowing expression of your love. This gorgeous candle gift set features an Heirloom Porcelain® candleholder graced with all-over 22K gold accents, including a beautiful heart filigree design and a meaningful message from you to her. Every time she lights the vanilla-scented candle, she will be reminded of your sweetness and love. Plus, it arrives in its own special gift box so it’s immediately ready to present to her.

So, there you go – our picks for the best daughter gifts of 2021. Thanks for taking a little time to consider giving her a present that has lasting sentimental value. We sincerely hope you found a unique treasure she will adore. People have always said “it’s the thought that counts” when it comes to gift giving. In this case, we were very happy to introduce you to a few special things that put that loving “thought” on full display.

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10 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife in 2021

You found the love of your life. When you met, you knew she was the one for you. You decided to spend your lives together. To share each day. Until death do you part. She’s just the most perfect woman. So… how do you find her the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? We would love to help!

First step: simply let all the stress of Valentine’s Day shopping drift away. It’s true that it could be stressful to find the ideal valentine for your wife, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just take a moment and think about her. What kind of gifts has she responded to in the past? What kind of things does she like? What is her style? What are her passions? Her interests?

Now, you’re ready to shop. To help make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite Valentine’s Day gifts. Take a peek. You just might find The One that will make your wife smile.

Together in Love Personalized Diamond Ring

Together in Love Personalized Diamond Ring

Elegantly engraved with both of your names! This classy ring is the epitome of romance. The beautiful solid sterling silver setting is graced with gleaming 18K gold plating to highlight your personalization. Two flowing bands intersect the design with the shimmer of 24 genuine white diamonds, which is sure to catch her eye. There’s even a romantic engraving hidden inside the band. Includes a custom gift box.

Forever & Always Personalized Diamond Pendant Necklace

Forever & Always Personalized Diamond Pendant Necklace

Graced with your names and matching birthstones! What better way to show her your hearts are united than with this beautiful couples necklace. The dual-heart design shimmers with 18K gold plating on solid sterling silver, while your 2 faceted crystal birthstones dangle together from the top. And just wait until she sees how your names are joined – the perfect punctuation of a heart-shaped genuine diamond. Arrives with a jewelry pouch and gift box for giving to your valentine.

Together Cheek to Cheek Personalized Ring

Sparkles with your names and birthstones! This ring’s gorgeous design is handcrafted to symbolize the harmony of your life, spent side-by-side. Defined with your 2 crystal birthstones right in the center and embraced by your 2 engraved names, it’s a dramatic statement that’s hard to miss. There are even 22 glittering clear crystals to emphasize the point. Plus, there is a little love note engraved inside the band just for her. Arrives with a custom gift box for Valentine’s Day gift giving.

Forever in Love Diamond Ring

Forever in Love Diamond Ring

Features 3 handset genuine diamonds! With its unique open filigree heart design, this romantic ring is certain to get her attention (and the attention of others every time she wears it). The band is handcrafted of solid sterling silver with 18K rose gold plating to accentuate its nostalgic look. And the 3 diamonds not only catch the light just right, but they symbolize the today, tomorrow and always of love’s eternity. She will adore that special touch. You can even present it to her in the custom gift box, included with the ring.

Forever Yours Pendant Necklace

Forever Yours Pendant Necklace

Give her a beautiful rose that lasts forever! Just like your devotion, this stunning ruby necklace will endure. Showcased right in the center of the 18K gold-plated heart pendant is a sculpted single red rose – the perfect “I love you.” Surrounding the graceful flower is the ultimate Valentine’s Day bouquet – more than a dozen glistening red rubies. Just imagine the look on her face when she opens the custom gift box to discover this beauty.

Sweet Decadence Diamond Pendant Necklace

Sweet Decadence Diamond Pendant Necklace

A luxurious statement of 25 genuine diamonds! The sweet style of this eye-catching necklace is sure to take her breath away. Handcrafted of solid sterling silver and lavishly plated in 18K gold, the uniquely shaped pendant provides an ideal setting for the ultimate decadence: 17 mocha-colored diamonds and 8 glittering white diamonds. It even comes with a velvet jeweler’s pouch and custom presentation box for concealing your gift until Cupid is ready to strike.

Love Today, Tomorrow, Always Personalized Ornament

Romantic Illuminated Glass Ornament

Personalized with a message from your heart! Make every holiday season a special one when you create a Christmas heirloom just for her. This hand-blown glass ornament is graced with a romantic expression of your bond, amidst golden swirls. But the true gift is the dangling heart charm inscribed with your names or message of love. It even lights up to draw attention to your devotion and arrives in a custom keepsake box for both gift giving and storage after the holidays.

You & Me, Our Love Was Meant To Be Personalized Figurine

Precious Moments Personalized Couples Figurine

Put the perfect punctuation on your passion! For your soul mate, your best friend, your better half… there’s no more ideal Valentine’s Day gift. This handcrafted figurine makes a wonderful expression of your storybook romance captured with a signature teardrop-eyed Precious Moment® couple. Leaning in for a kiss, the adorable twosome rest on a ampersand symbol featuring both of your names, for a symbolic expression of your union.

Love Blooms Forever Personalized Table Centerpiece

Love Blooms Forever Personalized Musical Floral Centerpiece

Better than chocolates, better than flowers, this valentine lasts for years to come! Just wait until she unwraps this first-of-a-its-kind centerpiece blooming with love and romance. 12 hand-made Always in Bloom® roses are beautifully arranged within a heart-shaped box, sealed with a glass lid and your custom touch: both your names incorporated into a personalized love letter. There’s even a lovely soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day because this unique gift plays the melody of “Always in My Heart.”

Our Love Story Personalized Candleholder

Our Love Story Personalized Candleholder

See your passion burn brighter this Valentine’s Day! Your love story is beautifully expressed with this Heirloom Porcelain® candleholder and vanilla-scented candle. A romantic mood is set instantly with the 22K gold-accented message across the front. She is sure to be captivated by your gesture! But the first thing she will notice when she opens up the equally impressive gift box is the heart charm dangling from the lid. Both of your names are engraved there to make it a glowing (and personal) tribute to your bond.

Well, there you have it. 10 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for wives. Did you see The One for your wife? We trust any shopping stress has left you and been replaced with inspiration and the anticipation of a very happy Valentine’s Day. Thanks for reading. We hope your February 14 is filled with lots of love and happiness.

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Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her 2021

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there’s a surprise element to consider. Because, let’s be honest, with a date so soon after the Christmas holidays, Cupid’s arrival has a tendency to sneak up on a lot of us. That said, why not use that element of surprise to your advantage?

The very fact that you are reading this blog means you are now aware Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Just as a reminder, it’s on February 14. Now that you are thinking about this perennial day of romance, let’s discuss how you might surprise your unsuspecting sweetheart.

There’s nothing better than presenting a Valentine’s Day gift to the one you love and watch them smile. Especially when they are not expecting it. You might have to be a little sneaky with your shopping and stealthy with your planning, but it’s all in the name of love, and who can argue with that.

It all starts with finding the perfect gift for him or the perfect gift for her. We want to help you put that smile on their face. We want you to discover The One gift that will truly surprise your valentine this year. Let’s get started!

Below you will find our Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her. We have hand-selected some of our favorites, and you won’t find these anywhere else. But first, a little poem, by way of introduction and to get us in the mood:

Whether you share a long history of love

or whether your romance is shiny and new

these are our Valentine’s Day picks

and we’d like to share them with you.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

1. Enduring Love Personalized Diamond Ring

Show him you’re committed! If you’ve been together for a while or are ready to take the next big step in your relationship, this ring is a perfect fit. The solid sterling silver setting showcases 3 genuine diamonds (symbolizing today, tomorrow, and always) accented with 18K gold plating for a bold, classic look. Then, after you have his attention, he will discover the special engraving inside the band you’ve personalized just for him. What a surprise! It even arrives with a custom gift box.

2. Heart of a Lion Pendant Necklace

Appeal to his wild side! This is a great way to let him know just how you feel about him. An eye-catching necklace for sure, it features a pendant created from a genuine tiger’s eye stone, custom cut into the shape of a lion’s claw. The crowning touch to the pendant is a fully sculptured 3-dimensional lion’s head handcrafted of solid stainless teel and ion-plated in 24K gold. How fierce is that! Includes a gift box for Valentine’s Day giving.

3. Today, Tomorrow and Always My Love Diamond Bracelet

Give him a stylish symbol of your love’s endlessness! Your partner in love is sure to be impressed with this romantic bracelet. Its handsome two-tone design is defined by solid stainless steel and 24K-gold ion plating. But the most meaningful touch to this love letter is the 3 genuine diamonds in the center to symbolize today, tomorrow and always. There’s even a special etching on the back he will be surprised to discover. Includes a jewelry pouch and gift box.

4. Timeless Love Men’s Watch

Make a Valentine’s Day promise for all time! This distinctive timepiece will remind him of all the moments you’ve spent together and those yet to come. Handcrafted of durable stainless-steel, the watch is graced with 24K gold-plated accents and 11 genuine diamonds so it looks amazing. And imagine his delight when he finds the meaningful sentiment etched on the back. Arrives ready for Valentine’s Day giving in a custom case.

5. Soul Mates Personalized Masterpiece Framed Plate

“Carve” your names into a tree for him! What a unique Valentine’s Day gift, and with so much artistic appeal. This museum-quality framed plate is an ideal canvas for acclaimed artist Carl Brenders’s breathtaking vision of two wolf soul mates in the wild. Together forever, the cozy twosome’s focus is a snowy birch tree personalized with your two names “carved” within a heart. Whenever he sees it, he will remember your thoughtfulness and love.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

1. Head Over Heels Personalized Flip Pendant Necklace

She will “flip” over this Valentine’s Day surprise! Imagine her face when she opens this beautiful necklace graced with a sparkling red heart crystal. But wait for it… a huge smile is sure to break out across her face when she flips the center of the solid sterling silver pendant around to reveal both of your engraved names and your crystal birthstones in a double heart design. Includes a jeweler’s pouch and custom box for gift giving.

2. Till Death Do Us Part Personalized Sculpture

Make a gothic statement of your immortal bond! What a compelling spectacle this valentine makes as a golden skeleton hand clutches a fabric rose. Romantically lit beneath a sparkling glass dome, this is one Valentine’s Day gift sure to create a mood. Plus, there’s a golden plaque on the moody black base that showcases both of your names together, for a tribute to your eternal devotion.

3. My Precious Family Personalized Bracelet

Appeal to her nurturing nature! Give each of her precious children a special place of honor in a tribute she can take everywhere. This gloriously decadent tennis-style bracelet shimmers with baguette-shaped Diamonesk® simulated diamonds – each one featuring a beloved child’s name. Plus, the names are joined together with ten heart-shaped stones as a symbol of family unity. Includes a custom gift box to hide your Valentine’s Day surprise.

4. Love’s Whisper Diamond Earrings

A perfect way to whisper, “I Love You”! This lovely, pierced pair is set with a pavé of a dozen genuine diamonds, sure to have her smiling from ear-to-ear. And not only will the incredible sparkle get her attention, but there’s a secret message engraved inside each stylish hoop that is only for her to discover. Arrive in a custom presentation box as a wonderful Valentine’s Day punctuation to your gift.

5. Disney A Love Like Ours Personalized Table Centerpiece

Is your valentine a Disney fan? There’s no better way to present a bouquet than with a little help from Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, everyone’s favorite sweethearts. Plus, this handmade Always in Bloom® arrangement will never fade, just like the love you share. See her eyes light up when she witnesses this centerpiece do the same. Presented in a genuine, faceted crystal vase with a golden heart charm personalized with both of your names.

We hope you enjoyed these great Valentine’s Day finds for all the sweethearts out there. May you all be lucky in love this February 14. And don’t forget this little pro tip: these gifts can travel well too, so your socially distanced Valentine’s Day needn’t suffer from any lack of love and surprise.

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