Staff Appreciation Day (Supportive Living Week 2014)

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Staff Appreciation Day (Supportive Living Week 2014)
Homemade Gifts
Image by The Pointe at Kilpatrick
As part of Supportive Living Week, Staff Appreciation Day was held on Wednesday, April 23rd. Executive Director, Nancy McCaffrey, held a chili cook off for the staff. Eight employees entered the contest that was complete with homemade cornbreads, all the fixings and 3 different cakes for dessert. Everyone voted on their favorites and after lunch, the winners were announced.
1st Place: J’Nice J.
2nd Place: Veronica L.
3rd Place: John R.
Each prize came with a gift card to a western themed restaurant. All staff were allowed to wear jeans and western wear to help get in to the spirit of things.

Christine’s “X-Treme” Beans
Homemade Gifts
Image by yummysmellsca
One of my co-workers has an intense love for the spicy pickled green beans you can buy at the grocery store. As a gift, I took some of my home-grown beans and hot peppers and whipped up a batch myself! Canned in a quart jar, it’s a gorgeous and delicious addition to any gift basket.