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A few nice Design Gift Ideas images I found:

Pilgrim Native American Cut outs for Thanksgiving Placemat page 4
Design Gift Ideas
Image by mimitalks, married, under grace
Set with all the instructions, parts, www.flickr.com/photos/mimitalks/albums/72157622841952598

Newest How-to Video: flic.kr/p/2hPVoKN

the tutorial which links to all the parts to make a Thanksgiving Placemat, my gift to you for personal or small group use only. No commercial use whatsoever.

As God’s Word is free and available to all, so is this.

`Lamp post` by Imani Renae Interiors at Acolyte Home and Gifts
Design Gift Ideas
Image by AcolyteH
Introducing the latest from Imani Renae Interiors – The `You`re Gorgeous` Collection with its exciting wall transfers is something completely different. Iconic images which are so 2012 yet also timeless.

They`re substantial in size, unique in design and the only aspect that isn`t unusual is that they have the attention to detail and quality which we associate with Imani Renae Interiors.

We`ve included some lifestyle shots for each transfer – to give you a good idea on just how large they are! If you love a particular design but find it just a little too big for the wall you have in mind – not a problem. They can be scaled down as well. Need them even bigger? Again, not an issue.

Young Woman – Pose 02
Design Gift Ideas
Image by Cladgeman
Fully coloured image for a gift voucher idea – a commission for a hair salon. The idea is to promote the purchase of gift vouchers for young women to spend at the salon. This illustration will appear on the inside of a Gift Wallet Card.

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