Recession Tip for Christmas Gifts

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Recession Tip for Christmas Gifts
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Scrambling for a last minute gift, on a budget? Have no fear, Amanda’s here! With her holiday recession tips!
Learn how to stay thrifty during the holidays

Image from page 80 of “Home mission handicraft; ideas for work and play in mission bands and junior societies” (1908)
Gift Ideas
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Identifier: homemissionhandi00bear
Title: Home mission handicraft; ideas for work and play in mission bands and junior societies
Year: 1908 (1900s)
Authors: Beard, Lina Beard, Adelia B. (Adelia Belle), 1857-1920, joint author
Subjects: Amusements
Publisher: New York, C. Scribner’s Sons
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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trong twine, curl the right hand upper comer of the heading of 70 Things for Home, Gift Days and Fairs the fringe over the twine near the end (Fig. 421). From thisstart to wrap the fringe around and around the twine formingthe rope shown in Fig. 422. When you have almost reached the ends of the first fourstrips of fringe, paste the ends of the headings of four morestrips on to the first and continue to wrap as before. In this wayyou may make your evergreen rope as long as you wish. There is just one word of caution which must go with theassurance of the real beauty of these Christmas decorations andthat is: Remember to hang your wreaths and ropes where theywill not be exposed to the flames of gas, candle or lamp, for whilethey are scarcely more inflammable than the natural greens, it isnot well to take any risks and neither is it at all necessary. Withthis in mind your rooms may be inexpensively, prettily and safelydecorated with the tissue paper Christmas greens. AN INDIAN ENCAMPMENT

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Take for Indian encampment for your very own!A wigwam, camp-fire, Indian travois, blan-ket-weaving loom, gorgeous featheredhead-di-ess, bow, arrows and shield,tomahawk, wampum, and a little cop-per-colored papoose in its funny stiffcradle, hanging on a tree entirelyalone ! Does not all that sounddelightful? The complete scenecan actually be made to appearin your room at home. The Ground a common pastry-board or any kind of board of the desiredsize—about nineteen by twenty-six inches—and for grasscover one side and the four edges of the board with a pieceof light-green cotton flannel stretched tight, fleece side up,and tacked to the under side of the board. Sprinkle sandand small stones on the grass at one side of the wigwam, toshow w^here the grass has been worn off by the tramping ofthe Indians, the bronco pony, and the dog, for all Indianspossess dogs of some description. If you have a toy dog ofsuitable size, stand him by the fire where he will be com-fortable. Before the red m

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Always an optimist
Gift Ideas
Image by Julie70 Joyoflife
Easy to carry with crutches
Home for the moment, but already seeing myself on the streets with this, I offered it to myself as gift for my 80th year.

It was a wonderful gift and idea to buy it – almost a whole year now I never go out without it, always on my back! After the crutches, with a crutch only then with a cane – and a few times now even with the cane folded inside this small blue rucksack, I go out now.