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Unique Gift Ideas
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It is time to bang your triangle?

Being British often means not "blowing one’s own trumpet"! We can be shy of sharing what our unique talents, gifts and abilities are – relying instead upon others using their powers of acuity to recognise our genius!!!

Not many people are mind-readers!

This week, on The Really Useful Show Time, my Guest was Transformational Coach, Angie Beeston from Evolution4Business. The first 26 week season has been working through "The Really Useful Alphabet" – and we’d reached ‘X’ for Angie’s mysterious ‘X Factor’ – that je ne sais quoi that sets you and your business apart as magnificently unique. Angie helps people find their X Factor (and, no, we’re not talking about TV.)

In conversation, Angie shared with me that people are often neither ready, nor willing – and thus not able – to blow their own trumpet. In one of those wonderful life-changing moments, we went to explore this idea together – ending up with the thought that sometimes people just need to bang their triangle. And that’s enough to begin with.

The long-term goal for you is that so many other people agree on what they think your X Factor is – Your Purple Cow – that you have a whole orchestra behind you.

So, if you did have one thing about yourself that you like, and that brings value into other people’s lives – what would it be?

This is your triangle.

Go bang it.

Image from page 550 of “How to heal by nature’s potent methods : a worthy counsellor in health, sickness, pain, and distress : a system of nature which reveals the correct laws of the moral and physical world for the pleasant perusal and profound study of
Unique Gift Ideas
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Title: How to heal by nature’s potent methods : a worthy counsellor in health, sickness, pain, and distress : a system of nature which reveals the correct laws of the moral and physical world for the pleasant perusal and profound study of everybody
Year: 1899 (1890s)
Authors: Anderson, John K
Subjects: Medicine
Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : National Institute of Science
Contributing Library: U.S. National Library of Medicine
Digitizing Sponsor: Open Knowledge Commons, U.S. National Library of Medicine

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rinking, and other wrong indulgences of appetites.If we use wrong nourishment,—articles which, thoughthey contain nutriment, also contain other qualitiesthat are injurious,—we can see how extensively thosehurtful influences are scattered into every part of thesystem. The general influences of quadruped meats in derang-ing the circulating fluids and poisoning the blood, aredistributed in every minute part of the system by everypulsation of the heart. The blood which contains thatmorbid matter reaches its extreme points of destinationthroughout the system in less than two minutes after itleaves the heart. • In this way particle after particle isdeposited in the flesh of the whole body. Let those know who indulge in alcoholic drinks, orany other false, sensual and exciting luxury, that theyare receiving an article into the whole flesh and fluids ofthe body which inflames the whole circulation of fluids,corrupts the flesh and tends to prostrate the nativeenergies of the mind. FINIS.

Text Appearing After Image:
BY PROF. L. H. ANDERSON. Have you Heard of ft? A Wonderful Booh! Have you Seen It? 4{» A Rare Book! Have you Read It? A Unique Booh! ^ $ ^ ^ JUST THE BOOK to be welcomed by every live, wide-awakeperson in the land. Brimming over with infectuous Enthusiasm, NewThoughts, New Ideas, to say nothing of old ideas arrayed in a dress sofine you would not recognize them. This indispensible book will show you in a new light the higherpossibilities of life; no ones life a blank; it will stimulate you to newexertions. Please remember that this remarkable book is not the fine-spuntheorizing of a mere dreamer or novelist, but sets forth the practicalevery-day common sense ideas of a well-meaning, friendly-disposed busi-ness man, who is thoroughly aroused and alive and tingling to his veryfinger tips with a desire to convey a knowledge of the rarest gifts ofearth to his fellow mortals. ■ Know how to gratify them? The Key Note has been discovered, and it is now given to theworld for the first time

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