Practice Random Acts of Kindness

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Practice Random Acts of Kindness
birthday gift ideas
Image by buckofive
Despite the fact that my birthday was almost a month ago, I got to celebrate it today when I received a package in the post. Normally I am on the road traveling so I never get to sign for packages and I always have to go down to the post office and pick them up, but today was a banner day for packages. First I signed for a FedEx package for my roomie who is away in Rome. Then I got some DVDs I had ordered online (Hooray for Lost Season 2!) delivered later on. But the highlight of my day was when another postman came back with a box from the USA. My friend Laurel from Milwaukee, whom I have never met in real life, felt bad that I didn’t have a really enjoyable birthday this year. After all, turning 31 is not the big event that turning 30 was. Combine that with the fact that it fell smack dab between two extended trips that I had to take for work and that meant I didn’t even get to have a proper party. Plus, I had also heard some news that day that caught me kind of off guard, so when I was chatting with her it was apparent that I wasn’t my normal chipper self.

Being the incredibly sweet woman that she is, she endeavored to change that so she put together a wonderful assortment of goodies for me that was sure to put a smile on my face. After carefully wrapping them all and even decorating the brown box, she put it in the mail and it sent it on it’s long journey across the Atlantic.

I was so delighted when I opened signed for the package that I litterally danced around my flat with the box. I eagerly grabbed a knife and began to carefully open the box. I was thrilled to discover three individually wrapped gifts inside along with a card. Now most people would have simply said something like "Happy birthday" but Laurel really has a way with words and wrote

"…even though these gifts may be belated, let there be no doubt that I am all for celebrating your existance."

How could I not be touched by such a statement? As I opened the first gift, I found a cool neon green plastic harmonica. I have no idea how to play it, nor do I have any musical skills, but I love to make noise with it! The second gift, contained a "Grow Your Own Rubber Ducky" which is perfect for me as I love rubber duckies. This will apparently grow to 600% it’s original size when in water! I’m sure there will be a flickr photo experiment for that in the future. The final and coolest gift was a radio controlled tarantula from the National Geographic store! I can’t wait to get some batteries for that bad boy and scare – I mean amuse – my roomie!

To be honest, I am not sure what I did to deserve such kindness from a stranger, but I feel overwhelmingly grateful for it. This has more than made up for my crappy birthday!

This just goes to reaffirm my faith in not only the milk of human kindness, but also the internet. For all the freaks, weirdos, and liars out there on the net, there are some truly wonderful people out as well. I feel so fortunate to have met some of them as they have helped me weave a fantastic extra dimension of color in the tapestry of my life. And that is precisely why I wanted to thank her for all of the effort and expense that she put into making sure that I got to enjoy my birthday.

charlie’s new digs
birthday gift ideas
Image by micah rich
so. the update.

i moved back home. i’m here. the plane trip was long, only because i got sick right before i left. oh man, i met this super cool old man, sat next to me on the way to philadelphia. 80 year old armenian russian, he used to fix space shuttles, now he’s like a biology teacher. he’s seen every state, a ridiculous number of countries. spoke eight different languages. heavy, heavy accent, and he talked my ears off. sometimes, when i didnt have any idea what our conversation was about, i was just being polite, but sometimes he was awesome to talk to. when we got into a talk about how america needs some more socialism, he insisted on buying me a beer, on the plane. and then he asked for some peanuts, which the attendant said they no longer carried, and he politely, and kind of humorously, put up a fuss, saying he’d always gotten peanuts! so later, they came back with a tall kitchen bag full of chips, nuts, granola bars – whatever they could find, they gave to him, his wife, and me. stuff they usually charge for. the attendant called both me and his wife saints for putting up with him.

so i was exhausted from coachella, sick with a cold, and lugging around a 30 lb bag on my achy back. my dad picked me up around 930. i think i was asleep by 931.

but the very next day, i woke up relatively early, because my dad needed help gathering stuff for the yard sale. we’re having a big ol’ yardsale. furniture from the barn, old stuff mom used to sell, stuff i didn’t want anymore – anything we could find. lots of heavy lifting. exhausting.

and then today was the first day of the sale. i woke up as early as i could (7:30am, btw), but had already missed a lot of selling. the intense garage salers came at 6, my dad said, despite the sale specifically being listed as 8 – 3. but i arranged things (my dad prefers to keep everything in big boxes, but once i took some stuff out and arranged it, it sold better). some of the stuff was cheapcheapcheap, to get rid of it. books, 3 fora dollar. CD’s, 25¢. stuff that was mine, or that i took from my room, went to me, and everything else went to dad. i dunno how he made out, but my books & cd’s are almost gone, someone took a bunch of very expensive guitar pedals for , and someone else took my old electric guitar. i’ve still got a handful of stuff to sell, but i made about 0. which is awesome, considering my only goal was to clear out my room, and i didn’t really expect to make any money at all.

it was tiring, for sure, but i really like that kind of stuff. running around, being in charge, calling shots, getting thing set up for people to appreciate. kind of like stage managing, a bit. also, charlie had some trouble starting, because i’d left his battery for a month or so without doing anything. so AAA came to make sure he was okay, and he was. helpful, but i’ve already used my 4 allotted AAA visits for the year, and i have till september. grumble. but after, i put on his new vanity plates, that my dad got me for my birthday. they’re really fun. it’s a fun gift, but it’s functional, and useful.

and then tonight, i went over to hang out at kyle & mike’s new place. kyle brought back some "friends" of his, girls he & mike thought were hot. maybe i got spoiled by all the beautiful girls in LA. they sure were loud, though, and… intense. they were compensating. but it was still fun, despite the strange behavior, and i promised them i’d be seeing more of ’em. my goal is to become the ultimate wingman for them, to introduce them to wonderful, beautiful girls. i think it’ll be very fun.

i tried to call kcatherine again tonight. we never met up before i left, and she left me a message feeling a little guilty, but still defensive, about it. i’m not mad. i’m not entirely sure what i want to say to her, but i guess i intend to tell her how i fell in love with her, how i know i lost her when i decided to go to boston, and how i don’t regret a single second i’ve spent with her. i’m not sure what that’ll do, exactly, but i want her to know those things.

tomorrow, more sale. seeing missy, because she’s coming home. have to remember to call leah, because i was supposed to one wednesday. and call the insurance company, because they want a statement from me.

Bellamy Rain 17
birthday gift ideas
Image by ranmanekineko

First off, this girl wouldn’t have been possible if not for the extreme generosity of a friend I made online- mainly on Live Journal. She’s been such a good friend and she surprised me this past birthday by giving me some money as a birthday gift towards a new doll. SO, I saved and ordered my new girl but kept mum because I wanted it to be a surprise.
I have always wanted an elf girl doll but never saw one I had to have, until I saw a ResinSoul Mei. After I decided on her, then came the hard decision to make for skin color! LOL. After a couple of weeks I narrowed it down and then decided on the blue and I am SO happy with her! She has a lovely and soft pale blue coloring that looks darker in some of the pics I took because it started to get dark but I was not about to let that stop me from taking pics! LOL. She took about 3 months to get to me and I was so happy she finally arrived- of course on the day I worked the longest, and that was torture knowing she was home and I wasn’t! lol
So, in honor of my girl’s dollmother/godmother- sankuri- I have borrowed a name idea from another friend. LJ member, cheshiretiffy, has a doll named Bellamy, which means ‘good friend’. SO, since I had a good friend help bring my girl home, I named my girl Bellamy too…..Bellamy Rain, but she is mainly just going to go by the name Rain. She is a little water spirit that joined my family because she figured she was needed in these dry as a bone parts of Texas! LOL. She isn’t used to wearing clothing so getting her dressed was interesting but she is enjoying raiding the closet to see what she can wear. She is so much smaller than my other girls, it’s been hard finding stuff to fit and she likes the tuff boots I have but they are super huge looking on her. We’ll see what we find and also what her idea of style is. She is my first elf eared doll so I had no idea her ears would make it harder to keep a wig on her! LOL Either way we had fun and she’s a lovely girl. Thank you so much, sankuri, for your wonderful gift!

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