Personalized Truck Clock

A few nice Personalized Gift Ideas images I found:

Personalized Truck Clock
Personalized Gift Ideas
Image by Kid’s Birthday Parties
This personalized wall clock was purchased to coordinate with my son’s new construction theme bedding set.
Personalized Wall Clock
Construction Theme Party Ideas & Supplies

Mr. Bento Fun Swap: Spring 2007 [nadja.robot]
Personalized Gift Ideas
Image by amanky
I got my package of goodies from the Mr.Bento Fun Swap from nadja.robot (she got in at the last minute, I had already sent everyone’s info out and reorganzined once, so I said I’d simply swap straight across with her!)

Again, the package arrived with some lovely/much-needed pick-me-up timing!
Strangely I was so distraught/reeling that even the excitement of a package wasn’t much… but I am so appreciative of it all, and quickly came up with ideas of how & when to put stuff to use!

Thanks, Nadja, seriously… thanks!

The Indian Crown Of Horns And Feathers Women’s Fitted Scoop T-Shirts
Personalized Gift Ideas
Image by ruidanielbarrossss…

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