Pataphysical Art Storm

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Pataphysical Art Storm
birthday gift ideas
Image by fabola
‘Twas a dark and stormy Saturday afternoon at Pataphysical Studios, but the doctors braved the pouring rain and came out in droves to make art together.

We celebrated Dr. Figurine’s birthday in style, with a nice apple pie and small gifts ranging from a DVD on how to play the theremin to a handmade wooden box and stock in the Mind Shaft Society.

We all sat around our Time Machine framework and had stimulating discussions about our next pataphysical invention — as well as our many related maker art projects:
• Dr. Rindbrain demonstrated the new remote-controlled lights for the Time Machine
• Dr. Fabio had his head examined after a rough encounter with a rose bush
• Dr. Canard prepared electronic supplies for students of the City of the Future class
• Drs. Figurine and Heatshrink started building a theremin together
• Drs. Really and Canard displayed an arted-up jug of ‘pataphysical water
• Drs. Canard and Fabio used a Ouija board to reach out to the spirit of Alfred Jarry
• Dr. Rindbrain painted another pair of shoes while discussing art with Dr. Zboon
• Dr. Fabio proposed ideas for the Time Machine controller, with the Ouija board as an example
• Drs. Figurine lit up the pataphysical flag pole with El Wire

A fine time was had by all and we kept learning from each other for the greater good.

Fire in the hole!

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112 – Happy Birthday Stubot
birthday gift ideas
Image by stubot
Happy birthday to my #BFF @stubot!



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01 – Lunch at The Cheese Factory
birthday gift ideas
Image by Kansas Sebastian
For Greg’s birthday, he received a gift card to The Cheese Factory. In August, we decided to redeem the card. Ordinarily this isn’t the kind of restaurant we’d choose, but hey, it was free! And, surprisingly, it wasn’t half bad. Far too much, but edible.

Outside in the plaza, around the Grove’s psudo- "Victory Column," was their idea of a whimsical windmill farm. Too cute.

Then in Mr. Marcel Gourmet Grocers (Formerly Monsieur Marcel), we found these fun items in the British section. Oh, those crafty Brits. How they love their double entendre!.

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