Party Table Decorations for Sugarbear Sleep


Party table decorations made of clear acrylic, laser cut and engraved, were the talk of the night at the Sugarbear Sleep launch party hosted by People® Magazine in New York City. We created custom stir sticks, food menus and drink menus specifically for the event. Laser cutting and engraving were needed in order to custom create the acrylic items they wanted at the event.

party table decorations

Party table decorations are always created with a theme in mind. The cute Sugarbear “bear” was the theme we used for each item.

The stir sticks were fun because we cut out the Sugarbear logo on them. That was an unexpected twist–get it?

The menus also had the bear engraved on the bottom. Party table decorations are always fun to create because we can get very innovative with our laser equipment.

laser cut acrylic

The food and drink menus also carried the Sugarbear theme with the logo laser engraved on the bottom. We had to use a laser to cut the acrylic and to get the fine details our client was looking for. We can cut any shape and detail you’d like with our laser machine.

We laser cut and engraved all party table decorations with our studio laser. The frosted engraving turned out beautifully.

party table decorations

Our party table decorations were the perfect addition to this event which helped launch the new Sugarbear Sleep product. The event was hosted by People® Magazine and held in New York City. Our laser cut clear acrylic is the perfect modern accessory for any party and went with the entire theme. We can also find acrylic in any color you would like including mirror and frosted colors.

If you’re looking for custom party table decorations, we can help! We’d love to hear about your project and design items with our laser cutting and engraving service. Contact us at 833 INK-WE11 or 833 465-9311 before your next event.

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