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The Empire State of New York City
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Image by Macaulay Honors College
It is the year 2114. Observing this image in the New York Historical
Society allows me to learn so much about the lives of New Yorkers 100 years
ago, whose culture was so different than our culture today.

When taking a close look at the images portrayed in this collage, it is
obvious that each image was carefully selected in order to represent a
significant concept of that time.

In the center of the collage, a large image of the Empire State building
represents it as the core and the unifying force among all New Yorkers. It
seems as though everything else had been built in accordance to this one
structure, which serves as a symbol that distinguishes the unique
characteristics of New York City from the rest of the world.

In the upper section of the collage, there is a myriad of images of the
roads congested with traffic, in particular taxis. New Yorkers were always
in a rush, always needing to reach a particular place at a particular time,
causing unbearable traffic. With so many people living in one city, how
could traffic be possibly avoided? One of the images reveals another form
of NYC transportation: the subway. A highly efficient, perhaps even faster
form of transportation, the subway system allowed thousands of New Yorkers
in any of the five boroughs to travel across the city on a daily basis.

The importance of the subway system had also been portrayed in the Jerni
collection from the 19th century. The collection undoubtedly has a
different style, given that it was made during the 19th century, but it
seems as though the subway system has remained almost equally prominent in
NYC in the 21st century.

Although the concepts of travel and time were of major significance, the
New Yorkers hadn’t forgotten to also pay attention to the beautiful
environmental scenery throughout the city. It wasn’t all about
infrastructure, skylines, and beautifully congested roads; there had also
been areas where the views of parks, nature and water are simply incredible
and breathtaking for any person who is lucky enough to witness these gifts
from nature.

More importantly, perhaps, was the idea that NYC had always been a world
center of art and culture. The artistic aspect of the city was not only
demonstrated through the extraordinary architecture, but also through other
forms of art all around the city. Many different artists, including
musicians, painters, dancers and more had come to New York in order to have
their talents recognized and their works exposed to the world, just like
here, in the New York Historical Society. Food was also a major part of New
York culture in 2014; there are images of numerous different dishes that
look extremely appealing to the eye. These images of different types of
food indirectly point at the great diversity and the integration of
different cultures in New York City. There are also images of coffee, one
of which is a Dunkin’ Donuts brand. It seems as though coffee might have
been a greatly consumed beverage among New Yorkers, and perhaps even served
as an identifier of NYC culture at that time.

Throughout the centuries, New York City has always been marked with its
fabulous architecture and skyline. The great diversity of its population
contributed to the enrichment of its culture, though at the end of the day,
all New Yorkers, no matter where they came from, come to acquire a similar
lifestyle that is unique to New York City.

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