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street walls experience @ fluxo
Unique Gift Ideas
Image by OMINO71

A unique look at the landscape of urban art interventions in Rome: Friday, March 19 at 7 pm the collective exhibit STREET – Walls Experience will open at Laboratorio51. This wine gallery, located in the heart of San Lorenzo, will play host to the exhibit until March 26. The event is being curated by Elsewhere Factory and Jessica Stewart, who has selected ten of her best street art photographs taken during her continuous documentation of urban art in Rome over the past year. All of the artists shown in the photographs have been asked to display a piece associated with their selected image. Among those participating are French stencil artist C215, whose works can be seen in New York, San Paolo, New Dehli, and Paris, along with JB ROCK, OMINO71 and MR. KLEVRA,LUCAMALEONTE, HOGRE, URKA, ZILDA, UNO, CURT (from The Stickheads). During the opening there will be an aperitivo with artiginal beer, vine, and snack provided by Laboratorio51 and a DJ set by the duo Les Courgettes.
“A year ago, wandering through the city in search of material for my blog RomePhotoBlog, I was struck the huge number of stickers, stencils, and posters that I saw everywhere. My first photographs of street art were taken in San Lorenzo while trying to tell the story of that neighborhood through pictures, and from that moment on I became fascinated with street art and wanted to know more. Now every time I walk down the street, I see something new. After a year documenting every piece of street art I see, I decided to selected ten photographs that I felt were representative of the scene in Rome. There mostly Italians in the bunch, but some from abroad who have left their mark; there are some stencils, some posters. In the end, everyone has left their mark with a huge variety of works that cover most of Rome, in the show you’ll see pieces from Pigneto, Monti, Ostiense, Piazza Flaminia, Trastevere, and more. The idea to ask these artists to contribute an original piece to display next to my photograph is to give people the opportunity to see the differences and similarities between each artists work on the street and in a gallery setting. The show is also my chance to thank all the artists who leave me, and the city, a gift that makes me smile, as walking down the street and spotting one of their pieces is like seeing an old friend.”


STREET – walls experience
collective show 19 – 26 Marzo 2010
curated by Elsewhere Factory and Jessica Stewart
(free entry daily from 7 pm to midnight)
via degli Ausoni 47, Roma


Elsewhere Factory

mobile: 3487287907 _ 3470990530

Jessica Stewart

Green gift idea #1 – The Cobra 300 solar battery pack
Unique Gift Ideas
Image by Green Energy Futures
: Here’s a unique idea for 2014 – a high quality solar battery pack that can charge your cell phone as many as three times. It has two charging outlets, one fro smart phones and another higher amperage outlet for tablets. You can charge it using the sun, or plug it in to a USB powered port. Cost . Photo Duncan Kinney, Green Energy Futures

flower pot, ancient Slavic ornament
Unique Gift Ideas
Image by john bonham2
Unique printed full color outdoor flower pot. 100% weather resistant for outdoor use. Ancient Slavic motif.
FB Flower pots art
FB Naraos Art

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