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A few nice Homemade Gifts images I found:

Homemade Gifts
Image by Paul-W
The early computer age…

Water damaged negative.
Photo taken by Kathy Gorman during a Science Fair at Boston Latin School
Probably around March (?) 1976 (?), although possibly 1977.
She was still dating someone else at the time, but later gave me this strip of negatives to show that she was thinking about me even then… Probably the sweetest gift ever given to me!

Merci Train
Homemade Gifts
Image by www78
It took years for Europe to recover from the devastation of WWII. In 1947 newspaper columnist Drew Pearson, a starch anti-communist, was furious when he heard about the emphatic thanks the Soviet Union received for sending a few meager train loads of supplies to Europe, when much of the continent had been relying on American supplies and funding. In response, he asked Americans from throughout the country to donate personally to the Europeans. Supplies poured in from all over the country. Starting from Los Angeles, trains loaded with macaroni, sugar, flour and other food supplies traveled across the country, meeting with cars collected from all of the then 48 states. By the time the Friendship Train reached New York City, it had grown to 700 cars, containing million worth of supplies. Unlike the contemporaneous Marshall Plan, which would finally place Europe back on its feet, the Friendship Train was purely a private venture. After a ticker-tape parade down Broadway, the train was shipped across the Atlantic Ocean aboard the American Leader, renewly rechristened the "Friend Ship". It reached France and Italy to major celebrations, distributing to Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Brest and Lorient in France and Rome, Milan, Gorizia, Genoa, Venice, Naples and Palermo in Italy. A few cars went to Germany, Greece, Norway and Austria.

Both Italy and France reciprocated the gifts. In 1949 Italy sent four bronze equestrian statues, named Valor, Sacrifice, Music and Harvest and Aspiration and Literature, known as the The Arts of War and The Arts of Peace. The statues now reside on the Arlington Memorial Bridge. They also created a video titled "Thanks, America!" to be broadcast in American theaters. That same year, France sent 49-box cars to the United States. Known as the Merci Train, and organized by WWII veteran Andre Picard, the convoy contained one boxcar for each of the 48 states, as well as one to be divided between the Hawaii Territory and Washington DC. Inside were items donated by 6 million French citizens: art, wine, needlework, local specialties, furniture, books, homemade toys and children’s drawings, as well as a jeweled Legion of Honor medal that reportedly belonged to Napoleon. Apparently as a slight joke, boxcars were infamous "Forty-and Eights", small French transports that could hold forty soldiers or eight horses and loathed by American troops moving to the front during WWI and WWII. The trains were divided by state (according to legend, Washington DC got the contents, and Hawaii got the empty boxcar) and paraded throughout the interior of the states. 200000 people visited New York’s Merci Train alone.

Of the 49 boxcars, 43 still survive. They have mostly been forgotten, as the United States and France soon had a falling out over NATO. The one in Louisiana is one of the better preserved ones, and is placed in front of the Old Louisiana State Capitol in Baton Rouge.
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

HOMEMADE MOTHER’S DAY GIFT | Day 1800 – TheFunnyrats
Homemade Gifts
Image by l4anyrat
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