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Image by Souls of San Francisco
“What do you want your legacy to be?”
“I don’t think I have a legacy I want to leave behind except for affecting people’s lives in a positive way. I feel so inspired in my own life that I want to share that gift with people to truly live their lives as fully as they can, and as fearlessly as they can. To inspire them to be inspiring to others. At the end of the day, you don’t die with you bank account, you don’t die with remembrance of your name in your soul when you pass through to another life. It’s just the change you leave behind through your own life story. To me that’s living powerfully with love. One time I had an experience when I left my body and had the experience of what it would be like to die. You hear stories all the time of people dying and coming back and recognizing the perception of pain we experience at death is actually very minute. The suffering happens in the mind focusing on the actual experience. It’s not the experience of death that’s painful, it’s the idea you hold in your mind of what it’s going to be like.”
“So you’re not afraid of death?”
“I’m not afraid of death. I’m not afraid of death, I’m not afraid of being abandoned, I’m not afraid of reaching financial destruction. I’m not afraid of being along either. Those are all things I’ve really conquered. That’s not to say I have no fears. As they come up in my process I’m aware that they’re just fear of fear. They’re not actually real. It’s all illusory. That’s the thing about fear, it’s all an illusion, it’s being trapped in the matrix. As soon as you pull yourself from that matrix and you’re living your own life authentically and purposefully, and with vision, you have the potential to create anything. Any challenge that comes in your way is just something that helps you focus on where it is you need to expand further. That’s probably why I stunt drive. I love getting in a car and slipping and sliding. It’s such a gift to have died so many times.”