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Changing the Meaning Entirely. I am thinking about ‘Changing Boundaries’.
Gift Ideas
Image by Billy Quinn 1954
But then perhaps the challenge is to embrace change. Andy can be seen here standing with his (censored) Ikon/Icon. These comprised of about 40 portraits of men wearing Condoms and women with Dental Dams mounted in 24 carat Gold. I made these in New York in the late eighties to record the progress, and for some the demise, of men and women living with the HIV epidemic in NYC at the time. Some of these were ‘sufferers’ some were ‘carers’, so the status of the sitters was not disclosed.
I followed this with a series on abuse and the connection between abuse and self-esteem, having blundered upon the idea that there might be a connection between abuse and the putting of self in the way of danger through self-destructive behaviours (generated by shame and self-loathing as products of that very abuse).
Mark (Andy’s partner in the ‘Icon’) had died six weeks after making the abuse series. I love that he re-claimed himself and sat on the bale of hay and covered himself with a saddle (in the abuse series). He was happy to have done this before he died. I think it was a great gift to both Andy and me. I have this series elsewhere on this stream, but have removed one of the photos from Mark’s series as it could be considered to be too tough. I have made it private.

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