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A few nice Gift Ideas images I found:

SXSW Bingo
Gift Ideas
Image by lhall
This is my completed SXSW Bingo card, brought to you by the very kind and generous folks at Harvest, the time-tracker of kings!

Completing the card won me a Kindle 2, something I have always coveted but would never have bought for myself, even though I read a lot, so it was more than worth the effort it took to get these photos!

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The Fail Whale (not on a computer): a man from Keen footwear ( standing outside of the Convention Center

Hash Tag Hand Signs: My fellas @jeyb and @guyp oblige

Someone wearing this t-shirt: The Harvest guys promised they’d hook me up with a shirt photo if I got all the other squares, so this was the last photo I took. Thanks @EvilPRGuy, @bjhess and @dannyw!

BJ Novak making people laugh: Mr. Novak had a panel with some other hilarious comedy writers. He’s the blurry one in the middle, wearing a hat!×79

Someone wearing a Snuggie: Surprisingly, especially considering how cold it was at the start of the conference, no geeks at SXSW seemed to have a Snuggie with them…not even for the purpose of ironic humor (though supposedly someone spotted one out on Sixth Street). So, we bought one. I was happy to have the excuse.


A food blogger eating food: @GoGameMei is great – she blogs about food at AND her job involves running around in costumes giving people random gifts and inventing secret handshakes!

Tacos: D at Iron Cactus, eating soft tacos

Free cupcakes: Ice cream and cupcakes on their way into the burlesque show Pasties and Pastries at Emo’s. It turns out the girl on the left is @Silona, whose panel I attended the last day of the conference!

A pie chart in a presentation: Scott Belsky from Behance talks about "Making Ideas Happen" – great panel, lots of very useful tips and interesting research.

Double fisting: D with two alcoholic beverages

Just for fun

People playing Rock Band: Lots of gaming going on at Screenburn

Techy mom: A mum in the Lego pit in the Conference Center with her son, she was very nice and let me snap this pic!×32


Geek girl: Oh…that’s me.

Pair programming: @jeyb and @guyp with some handy PHP script on a netbook.


Someone who is internet almost famous: @guyp won a game show in the UK called "In It To Win It" and got 20k pounds! He was also a star employee during the ARG Perplex City with a very clever video series and he does lots of stuff online to this day. It’s only a matter of time.

Gary Vaynerchuk with a glass of wine: I hovered at the front of the ballroom before @garyvee’s panel just so I could ask him to pose with an imaginary glass of wine. Thank you, @garyvee!

Guy Kawasaki Twittering: I tracked down the secret AllTop party for the net elite (held at Allen’s Boots) and luckily they had extra invites, so I was able to snap a pic with @guykawasaki! Thank you!!

A famous actress: We spotted @feliciaday a few times during the conference, but never got a chance to speak to her (once she was walking intently down the street, and once I was going up an escalator while she was going down, though I squeaked out a quick ‘hi’). She was really happy to help with the bingo squares, and offered to be the ‘geek girl’ as she hadn’t brought her Kindle 2. I’m glad she was so nice and friendly, because I like her work as much as I admire her true understanding of the workings of the internet and its culture.×89

Scobleizer: I was running up to the Trade Show because someone had spotted a Kindle up there, and I saw Robert Scoble (@scobleizer) crossing the street outside, so I hauled butt to catch up with him. He was very nice and posed with me and very politely didn’t mention anything about ‘the crazy girl charging down the street toward me with a camera.’


Something built with an Arduino: Spotted at DorkBot, this is a series of lights used to control one of the bleepy things

Old school arcade cabinet: In Champion’s across from the convention center

Someone using Kindle 2: Found at the Blurb booth (thanks @AndruEdwards!)

Cowboy hat: @micahsaul wore this cowboy hat all through Interactive! I was lucky to see him on Sixth Street early on in the week.

Someone using a Zune: This space is particularly evil as NO ONE at Interactive has a Zune. We had to go to a Best Buy to find one.

the Yule Lads’ home
Gift Ideas
Image by Anosmia
According to Icelandic folklore, Dimmuborgir is the home of a homicidal troll named Grýla, her third husband Leppalúði and their sons The Yule Lads/Yuletide Lads. Though Grýla has psychopathic tendencies, the children aren´t quite so murderous, and are more mischievious than anything. Originally told as a scary story to stop children misbehaving, the Yule Lads have now been merged with the idea of Santa Claus. Children either get gifts or rotten potatoes in their shoes at Christmas depending on whether they’ve behaved well or not.

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