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Kenworth – Kenworth World’s Best Cap
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Image by TruckPR
The Kenworth Merchandise Collection ( recently added more than 25 new officially-licensed merchandise items to the retail website of more than 300 items for drivers and trucking operators interested in purchasing products that represent Kenworth and The World’s Best® trucks. To order, visit, or call 877-705-3314 toll free from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PDT). Those ordering from outside the United States may call 425-286-1551 during the same time period. Kenworth dealerships in the United States and Canada also offer officially-licensed Kenworth merchandise for sale.

Gift from the food “mafia”
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Image by rvacapinta
The Portuguese writer Miguel Esteves Cardoso has written about what he calls the Portuguese Gastronomic Underground.

The idea is that the best food and wine is from small producers. They keep the best of what they produce for themselves and for family and friends and perhaps favored restaurants.
The result is that what gets exported out of Portugal, if anything, is far from being the best stuff. A bit better is what you’ll find within Portugal, served at restaurants and shops.

But the truly good stuff can only be obtained through connections. To get access, you need to have contacts into this food "mafia" as he calls it. Miguel’s biggest regret is that he doesn’t – his parents came from England not the Portuguese countryside.

These delicious chouricos were handmade by members of Claudia’s extended family in Alentejo. They arrived Saturday. Shipped direct from the food mafia to London (I dont even know if this is legal!)

Bookbag Gift
Gift Ideas
Image by Salem (MA) Public Library
Great gift idea for the book-lover on your list. A bookbag from the Salem Public Library in Salem, MA.

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