Nice Gift Ideas photos

A few nice Gift Ideas images I found:

Mother and child
Gift Ideas
Image by Ed Yourdon
Lower Broadway, Aug 2008 – 40

I thought this was a fairly efficient way of shopping, but the kid looks like he weighs a ton. I’ll bet his mother had a sore back by the time they got home…

Note: this photo was published in a Dec 17, 2010 blog titled "How do you pick gifts for your the kids of your ONbeat parent friends?"

Fast-forwarding to 2015, the photo was published in a Jan 19, 2015 blog titled "Gezellig boodschappen doen?!"


On a bright, sunny Wednesday afternoon, I ventured down to 23rd Street and 6th Avenue to drop off my laptop computer for a repair job. Afterwards, I thought I would walk over to Broadway and stroll up the street to see if I could find some interesting pictures; and then I got the crazy idea to take a cab down to the very end of Broadway — near the Staten Island Ferry — and walk all the way up Broadway to my neighborhood on 96th Street.

But then I decided that Broadway probably wouldn’t be very interesting until I reached Canal Street … so I had the cab-driver drop me off there, and began my walk northward. Who knows how far I would have gotten if I hadn’t been distracted by a lively farmer’s market in Union Square — on 14th Street? Anyway, there’s much more of Broadway to cover, and if I have the time and energy over the next few months, perhaps I will cover the entire length of this longest street in New York City, which extends all the way through Manhattan, Bronx, and into Yonkers…

roberto bolano – 2666
Gift Ideas
Image by uair01
The book is now starting to show signs of erosion. Where the clothes-hangers are some dirt has accumulated. The pages seem to absorb more moisture now than before. Especially while the snow is melting.

But overall the geometry book is doing quite well after a few months in the outdoors. It has been printed on high quality paper. They don’t make that anymore.

I wonder …

… is the book happier outside than somewhere inside gathering dust?
… am I committing some grave sin against "book nature" by doing this?
.. should I take the book inside again?

= = = = =

They drove around the block to see whether anyone was lying in wait for them, but everything was calm (the calm of quicksilver or the calm that heralds border dawns), and the second time around they parked the car under a tree in front of a neighbor’s house. For a while they sat there, alert to any sign, any movement. When they crossed the street they were careful to stay away from the streetlights. Then they hopped over the fence and headed straight for the backyard. As Rosa searched for her keys, Fate saw the geometry book hanging from the clothesline. Without thinking, he went over and touched it with the tip of his fingers. Then, not because he cared but to defuse the tension, he asked Rosa what Testamento geométrico meant and Rosa translated it for him without comment.

“It’s odd that someone would hang a book out like a shirt,” he whispered.

“It was my father’s idea.”

= = = = =

Unhappy Readymade

Duchamp conceived this work in April 1919 as a gift for his newlywed sister Suzanne and her husband, painter Jean Crotti. During a trip to Buenos Aires, Duchamp sent instructions to the couple in Paris to buy a geometry book and hang it by strings from their balcony.

As the artist explained, "The wind had to go through the book, choose its own problems, turn and tear out the pages."

The work was destroyed in the process of its making and is known only through a photograph taken, most probably, a few months after the book was installed outdoors.

= = = = =

Testamento geométrico – Introducción a Euclides, Lobatchevski y Riemann – Los movimientos en Geometría
Rafael Dieste
Editorial: Ediciones del Castro, La Coruña, 1975
ISBN: 84-85134-07-9

= = = = =

It took me several weeks before I found an old geometry book at the second hand book market in Rotterdam. That evening I recreated Amalfitano’s "performance artwork" and Duchamp’s "readymade".

The book is:

Report on Methods of Initiation into Geometry
edited by
Dr. H. Freudenthal
Subcommittee for the Netherlands of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction
120 p.
J.B. Wolters / Groningen 1958

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