Nice Design Gift Ideas

A few nice Design Gift Ideas images I found:

Pretty in Pink Personalized Name Ipad Case
Design Gift Ideas
Image by PipPipHooray1
Pip Pip Hooray designer Apple Protector cases. Available for iPhone 3gs, 4 and Ipad.*

Pataphysical Time Travel
Design Gift Ideas
Image by fabola
The good doctors at Pataphysical Studios gathered at Dr. Rindbrain and Dr. Judy’s home on a rainy Saturday to contemplate the passage of time and make art about it.

We celebrated Dr. Skidz’ 70th birthday in style, with small gifts ranging from an illuminated tie to an antique telephone, hearty spirits, a nice chocolate cake and stock in the Mind Shaft Society.

We then discussed our first sketches and models for the Time Machine — and sketched out more ideas about our next pataphysical invention.

We enjoyed this opportunity to cheer our old friend and design our upcoming time travel experience together.

Fire in the hole!

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Smithsonian Parterre: Fleur-de-Lis
Design Gift Ideas
Image by Melinda Young Stuart
The greenery is Dwarf English Boxwood–ironically, in my view–an English plant in a French design!
According to another Flickr-poster, the idea of a parterre here at the Smithsonian goes back to 1976 when the museum mounted a huge exhibit next door recalling America’s 1876 Centennial Exposition (which was originally in Philadelphia). The remains of the 1876 exposition came to Washington and formed the nucleus of today’s U. S. National Museum. Many of the objects are now in the National Museum of American History.
The great financial gift of Enid Haupt allows this garden to be maintained in pristine condition for the free enjoyment of all!

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