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Photo-a-Day Year 3 Mosaic
birthday gift ideas
Image by Bill Selak
One: 1. Day 365: Busy Little Bees, 2. guitar hero, stuffed edition, 3. Rock out., 4. Attention… water comes out of faucets, 5. embodies a sole, 6. meet the bride, 7. new house, new puppy, 8. with a face like that, 9. lobby tree at APU, 10. Good sit Taylor, 11. Snowflakes in Glendale, 12. our first christmas tree, 13. nose

Two: 1. knit, 2. the red brick road to the ocean, 3. twist cap, 4. Good Fortune, 5. Daily Subs Lease, 6. Puma, 7. Basement, 8. Jason the Chef, 9. Emerald Bowl, 10. blue glow, 11. Three pointer, 12. Isabelle meets Ryan, 13. get your gift receipts ready

Three: 1. marriage license, 2. croissaint my heart, 3. learning the routines, 4. negative space, 5. Duaflex project, 6. blue jeans in a black and white world, 7. housewarming guests, 8. rosemary, 9. the heart of, 10. in case of emergency, 11. welcome home, 12. I hold the key, 13. Where did all the trick or treaters go?

Four: 1. I ate all my vegetables, 2. put up fences, 3. Taylor, off!, 4. One shot locker, 5. puppy accessories, 6. Earn Your Keep, 7. Taylor discovers the carpet, 8. Reminisce immediately, 9. sleeping puppy (for now), 10. Meet Taylor, 11. Crate, 12. soup, because it’s getting cold, 13. blinds to the world

Five: 1. rollercoaster tracks, 2. fireside chats, 3. Pop goes the birthday present, 4. droplets on infrared, 5. warp speed, 6. Take a stand!, 7. an uninspired shot, 8. I wear dark sunglasses that aren’t tight, 9. swells, 10. Ladies and gentlemen, Wayne on the clarinet, 11. steadycam, 12. Chasing the tail, 13. rhythm

Six: 1. Your #1 Fan, 2. widescreen tv webcam, 3. surprise party, 4. the library is set up, 5. Graduate campus, 6. new faucet, 7. Angels move on in the playoffs, 8. the future library, 9. ground it out, 10. say hello to jack, 11. the cable guy, 12. Next time, lock up the entire bike, 13. dinner guests

Seven: 1. liquid metal, 2. Chase this light, 3. A visit to LACMA, 4. Gas or electric?, 5. instrument inventory time, 6. new kitchen, 7. old fridge, 8. new fridge, 9. Setting up the library, 10. we got the keys!, 11. hammerfist, 12. the posted speed limit, 13. clo

Eight: 1. usb on blue, 2. packing jenga, 3. before the pack, 4. the francis band, 5. escrow papers (photo tip #3), 6. the cup is completely empty, 7. Lady Love, 8. three valves, 9. Them thar’s hills be burnin, 10. You are two, 11. faster phone, 12. What the H?, 13. Back up your hard drives

Nine: 1. Day 1,000, 2. Out at Home, 3. Photo Tip #2, 4. How do you see the world?, 5. Letterman Jackets, 6. A box of chai, 7. Photo Tip #1, 8. A Big Kid Joke, 9. wilted roses for you, 10. birthday dinner, dark light, funny moment, 11. blinds, but now I sees, 12. compound playground eye, 13. Bob and John

Ten: 1. Spartan field, 2. Man of Many Phonemes, 3. Welcome to Michigan, 4. James and the Giant Dog, 5. dog goggles, 6. Trinity Brewery, 7. LoDo, 8. a clunker, 9. no U turn, 10. reflection, 11. the gig, 12. rehearsal, 13. Stone Brew

Eleven: 1. Sweet Baby James, 2. The Pendleton Loop, 3. air hockey, 4. The Brass Menagerie, 5. Do you take palm trees in your coffee? Or just cream?, 6. Countertops, 7. barrel tasting, 8. Hello new computer lab, 9. signs, signs, 10. She thinks she can get away with anything with that smile, 11. surfing the web, 12. chocolate peanut butter cups, 13. That’s right, Pat put his MacBook Pro precariously on top of his car

Twelve: 1. Jenga with Jenga, 2. Now I Notice Tiles, 3. More Donated Dreamworks Computers, 4. Waiting for her daddy, 5. I put the X in X-ray, 6. Three point lighting, 7. zebra stripes and wine glasses, 8. Dashboard magic, 9. Call for Help, 10. caught on tape, 11. Major League Baseball, 12. Michael Jackson Memorial Service, 13. It’s world wide

Thirteen: 1. the working musician, 2. Color burn building reflection on an empty Old Town Pasadena fourth, 3. Ribs Rock at Robin’s, 4. Three hours in traffic, 5. The nephew snuggle, 6. Digipower, 7. skunk, 8. Mr. Soda Nose, 9. To the beach… and back, 10. The Infamous Bread Toss of 2009, 11. Closing In, 12. endless, 13. the best parking spot ever

Fourteen: 1. REV, 2. stepping stones, 3. Welcome to Texture City, 4. we will miss you, 5. the pool inspected at the above address has been inspected and is producing mosquitos, 6. The Replacements: donations, 7. Geoff here, on CBS-2 News, 8. just add water, 9. Congratulations Deacon Alan, 10. El Mariachi, 11. a cool looking gem-type rock, 12. birthday phone calls, 13. Landon likes cake

Fifteen: 1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is fun again, 2. stripes and dots, 3. chipotle chicken burrito to go, 4. wanna play it, 5. I’m the wise guy with the bright idea, 6. chain gang, 7. teaching, 8. stuck behind a really, really slow vehicle on the way to work, 9. drip, drip, 10. this shot socks, 11. Lactase, 12. a trip to the Mann Chinese, 13. a thousand dances on an empty canvas

Sixteen: 1. love the staff parking, 2. painting our perfect home, 3. aye matey, 4. a sidewalk lunch with Chris, 5. Congratulations Divine Master, 6. a formal rose, 7. Welcome to our Deep Blue Sea, 8. the long and winding (and distorted) road, 9. meteorite storm, 10. battle of the cupcake, 11. rear view mirrors, 12. digital projection is a beautiful thing, 13. inside the gears of a clock tower

Seventeen: 1. Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart, 2. Stop ahead, behind, and under ahead, 3. The Rosedale Project, a fence without homes, 4. drive thru view of the Orange Bang dispenser, 5. small dog, big head, 6. A ride along the San Gabriel Riverbed Trail, 7. smoked baby back ribs, 8. follow the three blue lines as they travel through the frame, 9. pastel cassette deck mix tape, 10. giant green hose, 11. from the earth to the moon, 12. four twenty five was eight days ago, 13. Gene

Eighteen: 1. The 70s is alive and well, 2. commerce building by night, 3. high key parrot gradient, 4. Let’s Go Fishing, 5. closing the blinds on mediocrity, 6. reflecting upon a time, 7. one legged man on a bus bench, 8. Blue in Orange, 9. Geneva Swings, 10. slow twitch muscle fiber, 11. put a cork in it, 12. the low end is the heart of the band, 13. The Lord looked down from heaven on the children of men

Nineteen: 1. old time gas station and a hand built motorcycle, 2. Let me ask you a question, how do you feel about frilly toothpicks?, 3. Bob Tron and his green bowl, 4. aerodynamic and warm, 5. called out of retirement, 6. a moon made of diamonds, 7. heirloom, 8. Easter egg laughs, 9. at the table, 10. deville devlle, 11. manipulative, 12. KidSpace, 13. Stone Brew stonework

Twenty: 1. mosquito hawk, 2. strawberry donuts, 3. caught you, 4. drinks all around, 5. rear view rear view, 6. crossing, 7. neon rectangles, 8. command, 9. Happy Birthday Maggie, 10. one shot wonder, 11. bleeding candle, 12. bounce the light, 13. blue hanger

Twenty One: 1. tow, 2. up against, 3. dance dance, 4. zig zag, 5. foggy storm before the calm, 6. need coffee, 7. pot of green, 8. chasher, 9. Rise of the Machines, 10. Family Portrait, 11. 270, 12. three walls, 13. pillar of salt

Twenty Two: 1. modern pyramid, 2. greenhouse, 3. Netbook, 4. Thermal camera, 5. shopping graph, 6. Wick, 7. electric mayhem, 8. Matt, 9. prison break, 10. fitting in, 11. 1, 2, 3, 12. 5 seconds of Scotty, 13. behind the waterfall

Twenty Three: 1. birthday cake, 2. endless, 3. argyle, 4. mirrors, 5. Isabelle looks, 6. snowman, 7. custom drink, 8. teacher mugs, 9. me – rain = happy bill, 10. tron, 11. iron off, 12. heartless, 13. here is the church, here is the steeple

Twenty Four: 1. broken heart, 2. francis a la iPod, 3. Eyeball, 4. large diaphragm, 5. fresh as a lemon, 6. bookshelf, 7. Ryan at dinner, 8. my shoes, 9. folded valleys, 10. I made homemade, 11. highs and low, 12. rewind, 13. Stout hearted

Twenty Five: 1. wtr sptlght, 2. unShure, 3. wshr, 4. Rules of podcast engagement, 5. iLife, 6. fenced in, 7. rllr cstr, 8. USB, 9. frozen vine, 10. table and wall at Starbucks, 11. Obama, 12. sew what, 13. Maggie inside

Twenty Six: 1. the captain, 2. cut, 3. ruby slippers, 4. Green flowery flower centerpiece, 5. Enemy of the State, 6. forked, 7. Vintage Everet, 8. f1.4, 9. Greg Laswell, 10. floored, 11. headbanger, 12. Emergency box, 13. Your function

Twenty Seven: 1. knit, 2. the red brick road to the ocean, 3. twist cap, 4. Good Fortune, 5. Daily Subs Lease, 6. Puma, 7. Basement, 8. Jason the Chef, 9. Emerald Bowl, 10. blue glow, 11. Three pointer, 12. Isabelle meets Ryan, 13. get your gift receipts ready

Twenty Eight: 1. the lattice from above, 2. my sister took me to see Schuyler Fisk, 3. Forth Winery, 4. Zebra Mountain, 5. Bird on a wire, 6. Intersection, 7. Zebra bells, 8. I hate the rain, 9. In, please, 10. Profile on a photographer, 11. Jolly Old Man, 12. Nightmare Before Christmas, 13. five o’clock shadow

Pataphysical Art Storm
birthday gift ideas
Image by fabola
‘Twas a dark and stormy Saturday afternoon at Pataphysical Studios, but the doctors braved the pouring rain and came out in droves to make art together.

We celebrated Dr. Figurine’s birthday in style, with a nice apple pie and small gifts ranging from a DVD on how to play the theremin to a handmade wooden box and stock in the Mind Shaft Society.

We all sat around our Time Machine framework and had stimulating discussions about our next pataphysical invention — as well as our many related maker art projects:
• Dr. Rindbrain demonstrated the new remote-controlled lights for the Time Machine
• Dr. Fabio had his head examined after a rough encounter with a rose bush
• Dr. Canard prepared electronic supplies for students of the City of the Future class
• Drs. Figurine and Heatshrink started building a theremin together
• Drs. Really and Canard displayed an arted-up jug of ‘pataphysical water
• Drs. Canard and Fabio used a Ouija board to reach out to the spirit of Alfred Jarry
• Dr. Rindbrain painted another pair of shoes while discussing art with Dr. Zboon
• Dr. Fabio proposed ideas for the Time Machine controller, with the Ouija board as an example
• Drs. Figurine lit up the pataphysical flag pole with El Wire

A fine time was had by all and we kept learning from each other for the greater good.

Fire in the hole!

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Birthday present ideas: Creative Commons
birthday gift ideas
Image by tree2mydoor
Birthday present ideas for him or her. Unique and personal milestone birthday presents, as well as ideas for birthday gifts for friends or family. These wrapped birthday party gifts are styled with party food, balloons, decoration and a happy birthday sign. Great for birthday ideas for mum, dad, friends or grandparents. This picture of birthday presents is Creative Commons free usage only available for online media with a ‘do follow’ link to

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