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Real Jen
birthday gift ideas
Image by onenjen
On Friday, Roth got a new game for the Xbox360 with a gift card from his birthday. I have no idea what the game is called, nor what the premise is. I’m sure there’s some sort of storyline where characters, human or otherwise, shoot each other and try to save the planet. That seems to sum up most of the games he plays.

What’s cool about this new game, however, is that he gets to create his own characters, so naturally, he made one to resemble himself. But he also made one to resemble me. He kept talking about it all Saturday morning, how this female character really does look like me. Yeah, yeah, I thought. Sure it does.

But then I really looked, and sure enough, she does look like me! From the short hair to the brown eyes to the tiny scar above my lip, the resemblance is uncanny. And kind of eerie, no?

Jennifer’s Presents
birthday gift ideas
Image by Daniel, Daniel Kwok
Don’t know what to get for a friend’s 21st birthday? Here are some ideas from Jennifer’s gifts galore!

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