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A few nice birthday gift ideas images I found:

Pataphysical Time
birthday gift ideas
Image by fabola
We spent another magnificent afternoon at Pataphysical Studios this Saturday, making art together … and playing at the edges of time.

Our visitors this week were Jim Neidhardt (now Dr. Neidhardt) and his lovely wife Denise (Dr. Now?), longtime friends of Drs. Rindbrain, Skidz and the Queen of the Desert. Jim showed us the ‘hypno-disks’ he is working on to create experiences like this surreal Duchamp film, Anemic Cinema:

We had a great conversation and I knew they were like-minded folks when Dr. Neidhardt and I both exclaimed at the same time the same exact phrase: “Life IS Change!”. Jim is interested in contributing to our madcap art adventure, so stay tuned. Learn more about his work at:

Throughout the day, we brainstormed more ideas for our new Time Machine, while working on sundry maker art projects:
• Dr. Rindbrain and Canard put the finishing touches on their music box
• Drs. Figurine and Heatshrink prepared to assemble a theremin together
• Dr. Fabio drew a first sketch of what a time controller might look like
• Dr. Igor and Heatshrink both gave Dr. Figurine nice gifts for her birthday
• Dr. Tout de Suite considered lighting up her goggles, chose to paint instead
• Dr. Zboon discussed time travel and made a birthday card for his friend Ernesto
• Dr. Canard created a colorful zen map, inviting other doctors to art it up
• Dr. Rindbrain added more rainbow-colored lights to the Time Machine framework

It was great to stretch out to the edges of time and back again in the company of my friends.

Fire in the hole!

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Learn more about Pataphysical Studios:

Bellamy Rain 27
birthday gift ideas
Image by ranmanekineko

First off, this girl wouldn’t have been possible if not for the extreme generosity of a friend I made online- mainly on Live Journal. She’s been such a good friend and she surprised me this past birthday by giving me some money as a birthday gift towards a new doll. SO, I saved and ordered my new girl but kept mum because I wanted it to be a surprise.
I have always wanted an elf girl doll but never saw one I had to have, until I saw a ResinSoul Mei. After I decided on her, then came the hard decision to make for skin color! LOL. After a couple of weeks I narrowed it down and then decided on the blue and I am SO happy with her! She has a lovely and soft pale blue coloring that looks darker in some of the pics I took because it started to get dark but I was not about to let that stop me from taking pics! LOL. She took about 3 months to get to me and I was so happy she finally arrived- of course on the day I worked the longest, and that was torture knowing she was home and I wasn’t! lol
So, in honor of my girl’s dollmother/godmother- sankuri- I have borrowed a name idea from another friend. LJ member, cheshiretiffy, has a doll named Bellamy, which means ‘good friend’. SO, since I had a good friend help bring my girl home, I named my girl Bellamy too…..Bellamy Rain, but she is mainly just going to go by the name Rain. She is a little water spirit that joined my family because she figured she was needed in these dry as a bone parts of Texas! LOL. She isn’t used to wearing clothing so getting her dressed was interesting but she is enjoying raiding the closet to see what she can wear. She is so much smaller than my other girls, it’s been hard finding stuff to fit and she likes the tuff boots I have but they are super huge looking on her. We’ll see what we find and also what her idea of style is. She is my first elf eared doll so I had no idea her ears would make it harder to keep a wig on her! LOL Either way we had fun and she’s a lovely girl. Thank you so much, sankuri, for your wonderful gift!

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