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Image from page 28 of “Dreka’s card etiquette ..” (1873)
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Identifier: drekascardetique00drek
Title: Dreka’s card etiquette ..
Year: 1873 (1870s)
Authors: Dreka, Louis. [from old catalog]
Subjects: Social stationery
Publisher: Philadelphia, L. Dreka
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress

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Text Appearing Before Image:
with Monogram or Crest on Envelope, in gold, highly burnished. 1824— i8f4> Horace Anderson. Mary Tompkins ^eauedv >/<ne A<teadctle of 9o?n/ia<n these Weddings, by presentation of fei?i5£§3» valuable gifts. Members of the family,or very intimate friends, are the only per-sons from whom such gifts should bereceived. Invited guests should not absentthemselves from such festive and agreeableentertainments by any false idea requiring themto contribute costly presents. These remarks referparticularly to presentation of silver and goldenarticles. For amusement and sociability, triflesin paper, tin or wood may be offered by casualas well as personal friends, on the occasion ofPaper, Tin or Wooden Weddings. «■ ■* PARD pTI^UETTE. 21

Text Appearing After Image:
General Imiitatitms* HE simplest forms are in best taste forgeneral Invitations, and are varied dejeuner, dinner, reception, birth-day, &c. Form for Party Invitation : tyPWt. dT ^/f6<U. (7t)en<Ly, <_SMQc ^oie 1672 Chestnut Street. The favor of an early answer r(Or thus) : &ol tyVtenaay Gventna, ^/Pov-e^n^ei $<4/n/ a1/ &ta-n</ & c4ocft. Chestnut Grove.DANCING. -* 2 2 pARD pTIQUETTE <^| General Inuitatkms. Form when the Reception is given in honorof Visiting friends : cneaued* /ne fi/eaJuie of, ?/oui Som/taMy, o/t <&Uc/tt?/Gt^entna, lAotLem/el %/<)/, /ev-en o c/ock, TO MEET £/*e <y<itJic/en/ df ^W4<f. fa an/. Broad & Walnut Sts.Form for Dinner Invitation : KJteauej/j vne Adzadule Oj on /iany a1/ t£/J<nnely on – O CtOi An early answer is requested.125 South 15th St. $ ^ , -^ ■* PARD ETimjETTE. 23 S-enBral Imiitatitms. Form for Birthday celebration : 4. &* tyW)4J 3%p. S^/fom/idfon ^/teoue

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Pataphysical Time Travel
birthday gift ideas
Image by fabola
The good doctors at Pataphysical Studios gathered at Dr. Rindbrain and Dr. Judy’s home on a rainy Saturday to contemplate the passage of time and make art about it.

We celebrated Dr. Skidz’ 70th birthday in style, with small gifts ranging from an illuminated tie to an antique telephone, hearty spirits, a nice chocolate cake and stock in the Mind Shaft Society.

We then discussed our first sketches and models for the Time Machine — and sketched out more ideas about our next pataphysical invention.

We enjoyed this opportunity to cheer our old friend and design our upcoming time travel experience together.

Fire in the hole!

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