Milano – Slovakia Pavilion

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Milano – Slovakia Pavilion
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Image by corno.fulgur75
Rho Fiera Expo Milano 2015
Theme: Slovakia. World into the Pocket
Designed by the Slovak architect, Karol Kállay & Agentura EVKA, Slovakia’s Pavilion is inspired by the creative concept of “Slovakia. Recharge yourself”. It is imbued with the spirit of “a country that is rich in natural energy resources, but also a country full of the energy, cultural heritage, traditions and extraordinary experiences.” This concept is articulated by its Pavilion in two basic sections: the first, the Recharging Zone, is an external relax area dominated by an energy pylon. Here, visitors can take a break, relaxing on a Tuli bag, and recharge their mobile phones, tablet or laptop.
The second represents the energy and diversity of Slovakia and is located within the Pavilion as an area where visitors can discover the idea of energy linking modernity and cultural traditions across six themes of Traditions, Innovation, Sports, Culture, Experiences, and Nutrition and made visible throughout the exposition by a symbolized heart logo. At the Pavilion’s restaurant, visitors can enjoy a selection of Slovak dishes and modern reinterpretations of traditional specialties, or call in at its shop, where they can find souvenirs and gifts of Slovakia, send a postcard from Slovakia, or buy a unique USB charger developed in Slovakia.
(Via Expo Milano 2015 official website)

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