Memorable Unique Gift Ideas

A few nice Unique Gift Ideas images I found:

Unique Gift Ideas
Image by Bunches and Bits {Karina}
Despite the huge painting project we are working on this weekend, hubby agreed to go to the Harvest Festival (artisan craft fair) with me.

It was exciting to see all the wonderful creative talents showing their wares. I am GRATEFUL to all those artists that inspire me to create, and thankful I was able to pick up a few unique Christmas Gifts as well.

It’s got me seriously considering coming back again next year – as a vendor?

`Icons` by Imani Renae Interiors at Acolyte Home and Gifts
Unique Gift Ideas
Image by AcolyteH
Introducing the latest from Imani Renae Interiors – The `You`re Gorgeous` Collection with its exciting wall transfers is something completely different. Iconic images which are so 2012 yet also timeless.

They`re substantial in size, unique in design and the only aspect that isn`t unusual is that they have the attention to detail and quality which we associate with Imani Renae Interiors.

We`ve included some lifestyle shots for each transfer – to give you a good idea on just how large they are! If you love a particular design but find it just a little too big for the wall you have in mind – not a problem. They can be scaled down as well. Need them even bigger? Again, not an issue.

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