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Richard Morris Titmuss C.B.E., F.B.A., c1960s
Unique Gift Ideas
Image by LSE Library
1907-1973. Professor of Social Administration, 1950-1973

Extracts from ‘Obituaries: Richard Titmuss’ by Howard Glennerster in LSE Magazine, November 1973, No46, p.7

‘Looking through some photographs of Richard Titmuss recently I came across one taken during the last war, in the crypt of St. Pauls. There, complete with tin hat, he was holding a seminar with other tin-hatted fire watchers and members of the red Cross. It seemed to personify the values he himself believed grew out of the war experience- a heightened social consciousness and a sense of unity which were the theme of his major work (Problems of Social Policy, 1949)on social policy during the Second World War. It was soon after this book that he was invited to take a chair at the LSE as Professor of Social Administration in 1950…

He believed that it was an academic’s job to participate in policy making and administration as well as to be a critic. He gave many of his days and evenings to official meetings, informal seminars of civil servants, high and lowly. He devoted hours of his time to Royal Commissions, to Labour Study Groups, to the Community Relations Commission and the Supplementary Benefits Commission. He was fascinated by the problem of making large social service bureaucracies humane and sensitive to individual human need. He acted as a kind of bridge between government and academic life helping each to understand the other’s perspective. It was this which lay at the root of his influence on policy and gave his whole department that unique mixture of reforming zeal and practicality.

As I began to set these thoughts down two events occurred together in the same week. The first was that the House of Commons Select Committee on Tax Credits welcomed a proposal that single parent families should receive a special social security benefit and also receive tax credit. This idea was one that Richard had pressed and argued for as a member of the Finer Committee on one-parent families. Indeed he was working on it in his last days. In the same week the Department of Health, Education and Welfare in the United States announced that they were to launch a national voluntary blood donor scheme. It was a proposal which sprang directly from the influence of his last book – The Gift Relationship.

These were the kinds of memorial that Richard Titmuss would have appreciated most.’

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3 Unique Ways to Use Candy Boxes as Decoration
Unique Gift Ideas
Image by nolankaerine720
Oftentimes we think of artisan chocolates as mere snacks around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas. While they ultimately are made for food, they have a certain sense of art, luxury, and fancy surrounding them. Perhaps that’s because they’re often made intending to be gifted. Perhaps it’s just a notion that I and I alone have.

Whatever the case, candy boxes are unique from other types of candy in that they focus on an assortment of chocolates and not just one type, such as a Reese’s cup or Hershey’s bar. Boxes of chocolate set themselves apart in being a variety of decorative, luxurious chocolates for special events throughout the year.

As such, here are a few unique (and possibly even farfetched) ideas for using boxes of chocolate as pieces of decor around your house this holiday season.

The Table Centerpiece
Meals around the holidays are special because you and your family, who may have not seen one another for a long time, are meeting up to dine, talk, and even exchange gifts.

Oftentimes, garland adorns the center of the dining table, usually surrounding some sort of #holiday #decoration, candle, or fruit assortment. Rather than having something typical sit in the center that you can’t interact with, candy draws the attention of your guests, provides them with a pre- or post-meal snack, and shows you really put forth some effort this year when hosting the family feast.

Tree Decorations on Christmas Day
I remember always searching the tree on Christmas Day for extra #gifts that were never present beneath the tree during the month leading up to Christmas. Some families have traditions like this where there’s a pickle hidden and the first person to find it gets the extra gift. Other families like my own may simply place the extra gifts for whomever up in the tree.

Candy boxes placed in the tree could be a great way to introduce a new aspect to your family tradition and takes no preparation at all.

Doorway Treats
Lots of homes have tables or desks placed by the front door just inside the house. Sometimes candles adorn them. Sometimes lamps. Often, though, there’s an open space there and the table is merely meant for decoration. Why not put a box of chocolates in that space as treats for family and friends who come over during the holidays? Whether they’re entering or leaving, it’s a fun little treat to be greeted to or say farewell to.

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