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A few nice Personalized Gift Ideas images I found:

Birthday cake idea – custom personalized Ken doll T shirt made by Hegemony77
Personalized Gift Ideas
Image by Hegemony77 – mostly 1/6th scale clothes
Photo made by one of my beloved customers – quotes from her:
Before – "It’s for my son’s 21st birthday, and I want to put the ken sized
t-shirt on his cake. It will match the t-shirt that my son will actually be
After – "He LOVED it …. and so did everyone else!!!! Thank You SOOOOOO

The Audacious Project — a bold adventure in social philanthropy
Personalized Gift Ideas
Image by jurvetson
From two weekend retreats over the past two years, an intrepid group of individuals donated over a half billion dollars to philanthropic moon shots. The background vetting and social dynamics of mutual encouragement pushed some of us to give at a whole new level, and to support world changing opportunities. It is the incredible entrepreneurial brain child of Chris Anderson and several luminary donors from the TED community.

Here are the science winners, David Baker, M for advancing computational biology for broad applicability in medicine, agriculture and materials science) and Joanne Chory, M to develop a genetic patch for row crops to grow deeper roots with more suberin (a recalcitrant polymer similar to cork). At planetary scale, it is a save-the-world bet that could sequester the excess atmospheric CO2 from human activity while improving crop yields, enriching the soil and making the plants more robust to climate change itself. This is a record setting gift for the Salk Institute.

I have been involved in this project from the beginning. The genesis of the idea traces to a TED advisory brainstorming session several years ago where I argued for the continued acceleration of income inequality within the current political and economic framework and that philanthropy is the only negative feedback loop in effect. Beyond just talking about it, Chris Anderson took action.

More on the Audacious Project process.

Techcrunch News on this year’s record raise, and here are the other recipients:

• The Center for Policing Equity plans to use data-capture technology to bring measurable behavior change to police departments.

• Educate Girls is partnering with 35,000 volunteers to persuade parents and elders in remote Indian communities to register girls who are out of school and support them so they stay enrolled.

• The END Fund plans to bring treatment for parasitic worms to 100 million people, while also providing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene education.

• The Nature Conservancy aims to protect 4 million square kilometers of the ocean by buying up the debt of 20 island and coastal nations — in exchange for government commitments to protect their marine areas.

• Thorn is building tech products to fight child sexual abuse online, for example by making it easier to locate the victims.

• Waterford UPSTART aims to help 250,000 children prepare for kindergarten by providing proactive family coaching and personalized learning.

Alternatives To Gift Wrapping Paper
Personalized Gift Ideas
Image by blanchebishop
When it comes to your usual Christmas supplies, gift wrapping paper is always the quickest item to vanish into thin air. (Seriously, have they started putting less paper on those rolls?) Sometimes you didn’t buy enough, other times you didn’t want to spend the money, and then there are those times where you’re in a major pinch…a.k.a. the night before Christmas.

Whatever the case, you’re in luck — there are plenty of crafty ways to spruce up your presents that will not only save you a trip to the store but that will make your gifts stand out, too. All you have to do is look around the house. Who knew all this time your old sweaters, grocery bags, cereal boxes and even junk mail could double as one-of-a-kind gift wrap?

1. Recycled Cloth Gift Bag
Dress up your delicious food gifts in a festive bag made simply by stitching cotton fabric from napkins, curtains or scraps.

2. Music Sheet Gift Bag
No need to buy a fancy gift bag when you can make a spectacular one in minutes. Embellish a plain shopping bag with greenery, music sheets and string.

3. Sweater Gift Bag
Here’s a genius gift wrap idea that keeps gifts warm, cozy and festive — and you can find it right inside your closet.

4. Festive Grocery Bag Wrapping Paper
With some simple cutting, folding and colorful tape and twine trimmings, old paper grocery bags with seasonal illustrations (like these Trader Joes’ ones) transform into the decorative gift wrap you’ve always wanted.

5. Printable Wrapping Paper
Express yourself with this sophisticated printable chalkboard gift wrap that looks like it cost you an arm and a leg. (We won’t tell.)

6. Stamped Paper & Junk Mail Gift Wrap
Regular old printer office paper, junk mail and a stamp are all you need to make this chic wrapping paper that’ll get voted best dressed under the tree.

7. Vintage Scarf Wrap
Here’s an easy way to wrap your gift in style — furoshiki style. Just grab a vintage scarf you no longer wear and follow this easy how-to for a pretty presentation that saves you time and money.

8. Newspaper Gift Bag
Start spreading the news — you can even make your own paper gift bag without leaving the house. All you need? Two sheets of newspaper, cardstock, glue and cord.

9. Cereal Box Package
The colorful cardboard boxes that hold your family’s favorite cereal can easily turn into a whimsical gift box with the help of this printable template. You’ll never spend money on gift boxes again.

10. Decorative Plastic Container
Forget trays or plates to showcase your homemade cookies. Fabric or paper scraps turn plastic juice (or even cylindrical potato chip containers) into jolly snowmen and personalized tubes.

11. DIY Word Search Wrapping Paper
Want gift packaging that speaks volumes to your loved ones? The search for the perfect wrapping paper is over with this fun (and customized) idea you can craft in minutes.

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