Medical Mask Hooks and How You Can Help

At a time where necessity truly is the mother of invention, we’ve put our laser to work in our Covid-19 response helping create these flexible Medical Mask Hooks for our community healthcare providers. These are made out of an innovative flexible acrylic from Johnsons Plastics. We used flexible acrylic versus rigid because our very first test hook broke immediately when testing. The flexible material makes all the difference! While our colleagues in the industry rushed to get rigid, breakable acrylic out the door, we took our time and made sure these were created from the best material for their use. Flexible, soft acrylic.

The ear mask side loops are held by the medical mask hooks in the back of the head to help keep the mask tight around the face. Another benefit is the masks no longer loop around the ears, causing abrasion and soreness the medical community has reported. These hooks prevent any soreness and are very comfortable to wear over the ears, not on the ears. They are also adjustable.

medical mask hooks

We wanted to do our part so we took a look at how others were being made. We first tried 1/8″ acrylic but found they broke in a short period of time and weren’t comfortable due to the medical mask hooks being inflexible. Experimenting with a new material, Lucent Transclucent acrylic, we saw the difference immediately as you can below. These medical mask hooks were not only flexible but comfortable and effective.

If you are interested in purchasing our medical mask hooks, we are using 100% of the donation to buy materials so we can make more and donate to our local community and others who may want these. One hook donated for every one purchased.

Here is the link Let’s do our part to create our own community Covid-19 response in helping our medical workers.

UPDATE: We’ve created over 3,500 so far and are delivering them to our local hospitals. They are so thankful for these! We have a lot more to go. A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who has purchased these from our local medical community!

mask hooks for nurses
Medical Mask Hooks Delivered

We are still open and taking orders for everything in our ecommerce store found here We truly appreciate the support we’ve had in our local community and beyond during these tough economic times. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 833-INK-WE11 or 833-465-9311. We’d love to help provide beautiful gifts for upcoming events in your life and can send items as far as you can dream. We also provide safe pick-up and drop-offs locally.

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