Live Event Embossing for Cushman & Wakefield in Orlando

Live event embossing activations are one of the most popular services we offer the event industry. We recently worked with Cushman & Wakefield, commercial real estate brokers, at a convention in Orlando, Florida.

event embossing

Our live embossing event consisted of adding guests monogram in gold or silver foil to leather keyfobs and journals. We monogrammed over 200 items within a 3 hour event. Guests lined up with excitement the moment we arrived and started setting up our equipment. The buzz grew throughout the three hours we were there and the line never ended.

The keyfobs and journals were made of genuine leather. Our live embossing event included stamping up to 3 letters of a monogram in gold foil, silver foil or with no color. We stamped the logo on the items before the event and added the monogram on the other side.

live event embossing

We had two embossers at this live event. Each could stamp 60 items per hour.

Guests love the live event embossing activation so much we were out of product at the very end. The lines never ended the entire time we were there.

event embossing

This lady had us emboss a keyfob for her 3 week old grandchild. She was so excited to give her daughter this gift. “Its my grandson’s first monogrammed gift!” she exclaimed. We love stories like these at our live event embossing activations! Our monogramming makes a beautiful gift for any occasion.

We had a lot of guests tell us how wonderful the activation was. There is something about seeing your initials put on an item during an event which is magical.

If you are interested in hiring us for your next event, please contact or call us at 833-465-9311 or (833) INK-WE11. We’d love to provide a quote for our live event embossing!

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