Leather Embossing Experience in Lisbon for PitchBook Data

Our leather embossing experience is always a favorite activation at events for our clients and their guests. If you want lines in your booth, this is the way to do it. Our leather stamping experience is always a big hit at conferences around the world! Our latest embossing event was in Lisbon, Portugal.

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We were invited to create our leather embossing experience for guests at the PitchBook Investor booth at WebSummit 2019. We embossed journals one day and luggage tags a couple days later at the event. After we were done on day one, people never stopped coming by looking for us. There was even a line waiting for us the second day of our leather stamping activation!

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Word got out quickly among conference attendees the first day of our activation and spread like wildfire. Our client, PitchBook Data, even asked us to stay 30 minutes later the first day and also add more hours our second day in order to fulfill everyone’s orders. That’s how popular our leather embossing experience always is, no matter where in the world we go! Our client was blown away at the popularity of the activation and very pleased at how many people came to the booth.

leather embossing events

The key to successful event activations is making sure there are enough salespeople in your booth to talk to guests while they are waiting in line for their personalized items. Keep in mind, they aren’t waiting long. Each embossing only takes less than one minute. PitchBook understood this from day one and made sure their Investor Relations folks were on hand to talk about their platform with everyone.

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Our leather embossing experience was so popular, we had to turn people away at the end of the activation time. The lines never stopped! Everyone loved their stamped journals and luggage tags. It really makes a difference when you give away a high quality, personalized item at your events. People remember your company and will keep your beautiful gifts for a long time to come.

If you are interested in learning more about our leather embossing, please contact us at 833 INK-WE11 or 833-465-9311. You can also email us by filling out this form. You are welcome to set up an appointment by clicking here. We love traveling all over the world to bring our leather embossing experience to your guests no matte where they are!

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