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Image from page 563 of “International studio” (1897)
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Identifier: internationalstu75newy
Title: International studio
Year: 1897 (1890s)
Subjects: Art Decoration and ornament
Publisher: New York
Contributing Library: Robarts – University of Toronto
Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto

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as opposed tothat which is a matter of boards, committeesand joint control. So far from being in any wayconnected with the Japanese government, theterms of Mr. Matsukatas gift to the nationcarefully preclude all possibility of its becominga state-directed concern. On the contrary, it hasbeen bestowed for, rather than on, the people,the control being kept in the hands of the Mat-sukata family and its descendants, by whom itsaffairs will be administered in behalf of the nation.When one considers the unfortunate frequencywith which commissions for public buildings are placed in unsuitablequarters, one recognizesthe soundness of per-ception that has ledthis modern Maecenasto enlist as architect anartist such as FrankBrangwyn, who notalone realizes to the fullthe housing conditionsdemanded by works ofart, but who, by reasonof his never-failing fer-tility of design and free-dom from the trammelsof convention, is quali-fied to give expression SEPTEMBER IQ22 Jour jifty-seven liAClOHAL stroa©

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of t THE JAPANESE COURT BETWEEN THE tne East the wjS(JomMAIN BUILDING AND THE ANNEX . . . , c , „ ulioice is obvious. It lias been iljraivn by rrank Drangwyn) treated throughout as such a to his ideas in a way which isdestined to render the TokioMuseum a model to tile whole world of what such an edifice should rightly be. building should be treated, that is to say, as a Many considerations in addition to that of background to the works of art for whose sake erecting a suitable museum lor the display of it has been erected, and as an accompaniment to pictures, sculpture and other objects of art have the natural surroundings in the midst of which been duly weighed and recognized, and many an it is placed. Nowhere, whether within or with- artistic pitfall observed and avoided ere the final out, does its architecture or ornament clash with plans left Mr. Brangwyns hands. In the first the exhibits, nowhere has full advantage not been instance it would have been the direst error on the t

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