Image from page 63 of “The Russo-Japanese war fully illustrated : v. 1-3 (no. 1-10), Apr. 1904-Sept. 1905” (1904)

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Image from page 63 of “The Russo-Japanese war fully illustrated : v. 1-3 (no. 1-10), Apr. 1904-Sept. 1905” (1904)
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Identifier: cu31924071165637
Title: The Russo-Japanese war fully illustrated : v. 1-3 (no. 1-10), Apr. 1904-Sept. 1905
Year: 1904 (1900s)
Subjects: Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905
Publisher: Tokyo : Kindodo-shosekikabushiki-kaisha (The Kinkodo publishing co)
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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Farmers tilling Land. ment by the people for the people,then Japan never possessed anything atall approaching it until her Constitu-tion was given her as a free gift byher present Sovereign. The Japanese people, autocratical-ly ruled in theory under the FeudalSystem, have always been able to make lost all its old world political signi-ficance, still retain considerable influ-ence in the family concerns of theirquondam lord, and other matterswhich are of interest to the membersof the old clan. In the same way theGovernments, both of the Shogun, andof the Emperor, such as there was of

Text Appearing After Image:
HOW JAPAN GOT HER CONSTITUTION. 461 It, were always accessible to the that * public sentiment, as expressed counsels, deferentially tendered, of the by the councillors selected from all Great Barons, the lords of the Imperial parts, was to be the directing power Court, and of the izata/noto and other in the future, because the direct retainersand, w^hen somegreat crisisthreatened theEmpire, as, forinstance, the introduction offoreign residentsand merchantsinto the country,we read of greatcouncils of thet e rritorialbarons being convoked, forthe purpose ofd e 1 i b cratingwith the Gov-ernment on theneeds of theEmpire. But Constitu-tional Govern-ment, in themodem sense ofthe term, w^asquite unknown,and the firstglimmerings ofthe idea maybe seen in theOath w^hich Hispresent Majestytook on the oc- of the Tokugawa; private caprice of any one individual should not be allowedto control theEmpire. An-other notifica-tion, issued inMarch or Aprilof the follow^ingyear (1869), an-nounced thatHis

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