Image from page 63 of “The dawn of American history in Europe” (1912)

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Image from page 63 of “The dawn of American history in Europe” (1912)
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Identifier: dawnofamericanhi00nida
Title: The dawn of American history in Europe
Year: 1912 (1910s)
Authors: Nida, William Lewis
Publisher: New York, The Macmillan company
Contributing Library: The Library of Congress
Digitizing Sponsor: Sloan Foundation

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Why ?30. How did Rome protect herself from the barbarians? 31. Howdid she hold her land ? 32. Why did Rome keep shifting her legionsfrom one place to another ? Roads — S3- What need was there for good roads? 34. Howwere they made ? 35. To what use were they put ? 36. What con-veniences were there along the roads ? 37. How did people travelover them? 38. Show how they affected the growth of towns. 38 DAWN OF AMERICAN HISTORY IX EUROPE 39. What is the meaning of Romanizing the provinces ? 40. Tellfour ways in which Rome did this. 41. What do you think were themost important ideas that she spread ? 42. During her long peaceperiod, how did Rome grow ? 43. Describe her towns. 44. Whatin them came from Greece ? 45. Describe the old country estates.46. What other names were there for them ? CHAPTER III HOW THE ROMANS LIVED The Romans Loved Beautiful Things. — From their con-tact with the noble art and architecture of the Greeks, theRomans learned to love beautiful things. They were soon

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The Fates — Greek Art. found copying and imitating the beauty of Greek art; butit was merely copying, for the Romans never succeeded inproducing much that could be called original. Art, Architecture, and Learning. — In every city and homethere were educated Greek slaves. They were far abovetheir Roman masters in learning and culture, and they be-came the teachers of the Roman youths. In this way thelearning and art of Greece were scattered over the Romanworld. Wherever the victorious legions marched, theycarried these wonderful gifts of the Greeks. And so the 39 40 DAWN OF AMERICAN fflSTORY IN EUROPE whole empire came to love books and learning, as well as thecomforts and luxuries first found in the cities of Greece. Mosaics.—-The Romanswere soon decorating theirbuildings with splendid stat-uary, beautiful paintings, andespecially with wonderful mo-saic pictures. These mosaicswere made of small cubes ofcolored glass or stone, so puttogether as to make beautifulpictures. Sometime

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