How to Hang a Christmas Wreath Without Damaging Your Door

The Christmas wreath is an evergreen decoration that is beloved by people the world over. It is beautiful, inviting, reflective of your personal style and can even sometimes smell as good as it looks. Those are just a few reasons why wreaths are so popular.

Many years ago, hanging the annual Christmas wreath posed a potential problem: door or wall damage. At that time, there were just not a lot of ways around putting a big nail or screw into your door or wall to hold the wreath. And whether you rent or own your home, that’s just not an appealing prospect.

Fortunately, today we have quite a few wreath-hanging options that will help you avoid damage to your home and keep the holiday decorating feeling festive. Although all of the options below are sufficient for avoiding damage, the location of your door or wall is it for inside or outside, or even the type or style of the wreath you have chosen to hang, all of these things might help dictate the hanging option you choose. Once you have all of that in place, consider one of the following.

Use a Ribbon

Ribbons are great because they allow you the opportunity to add another creative layer to the presentation. This option works best for wooden doors. Just select a ribbon color and pattern that complements your wreath, ensuring that the ribbon material is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your wreath. Once you’ve done that, just cut an appropriate length for making a bow or other design for your wreath and allowing enough ribbon to run up from where you’ve centered your wreath to the top of your door. Then just use a staple gun to secure the end of the ribbon to the top of the door. You won’t damage your door and no one will be able to see the staples.

Use a Hook or Magnet

Self-adhesive hooks and two-piece magnetic hangers are very commonplace these days, used in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and for easily hanging small works of art and photos. They work great for Christmas wreaths too! Just apply the hooks or magnets directly to the surface of presentation and hang the wreath right on your door or wall. They also work on fiberglass and metal doors when you want to incorporate a ribbon. Just put the hook or magnet on the opposite side of the door to create a place to secure the ribbon. Then, slip the ribbon over top of the door, on the presentation side, to display and anchor your wreath.

Use an Over-the-Door Hanger

Although they may cost a little bit more than ribbons and hooks, an over-the-door wreath hanger is certainly the most fuss-less option for hanging wreaths, and well worth the small investment. All in one piece and ready to go, these convenient devices simply attach to the top of the door by sliding it on. In an instant, you will have a secure place to position your wreath on the door. You can even decorate the long part of the hanger with garland, tinsel, ribbons and more, to complement your wreath even further.

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