How to Find the Best Ring for Mom – Your Guide for Mother’s Day 2021


People often use the phrase “ring in the new year” to celebrate another new year, but could the same phrase apply to Mother’s Day? If you are thinking about giving your mother a beautiful ring that celebrates everything amazing about her than yes, it seems rather appropriate. All that to say we would love to help you ring in Mothers Day 2021.

Whether you are already on the hunt for a Mother’s Day ring or haven’t considered it until now, we can certainly assist with your shopping. As you’ve expected, there are a lot of rings out there. But not all of them are created equal. Especially when it comes to purchasing one to present to your mother – the one woman responsible for your being here.

Because mothers are so significant to us, a mother’s ring should be just as significant. A token of your appreciation for her that sums up your love in one impeccable band. The “perfect fit” for your mom. To find that ideal Mother’s Day ring, here are 4 things to consider on your search:

Make Sure It’s Quality Craftsmanship

If you grew up with a mother who only wanted the best for her children, it stands to reason you would want to give “only the best” to her. Regarding rings, the best translates to bands that have been created with expert craftsmanship by professional jewelry designers and artisans. Look for rings that promote this claim to ensure your jewelry gift for Mom is of the highest quality. Companies like The Bradford Exchange offer distinctive original jewelry designs that are not found anywhere else, so you can be certain every ring is something unique and special.

Consider the Symbolism of the Ring

With the wide expanse of the jewelry marketplace, there are a lot of rings that would not be a perfect fit for Mom. Romantic rings, engagement and anniversary rings, for example, have their place, but perhaps not when making a selection for Mother’s Day. On the other hand, there are many rings that symbolize motherhood, or the breadth of a nurturing relationship or the strength of your shared bond. These would make such meaningful gifts. Family rings, for example, can be personalized with the engraved names and birthstones of her children to create a beautiful expression of motherhood made only for her. You also might want to check out ring designs with infinity symbols or joined hearts to let Mom know how much you love and appreciate her. Always. Once you know what you want to say to her, it’s easy to find a ring to share your feelings.

All That Glitters Is More Than Gold

The magnificent gleam of gold is quite a thing to behold. However, every mother is unique, with her own personal sense of style. Maybe your mom prefers silver. Or rose gold or even copper. And what about gemstones? It might be a wonderful gesture to give your mother a white topaz or amethyst stunner, but maybe the unparalleled sparkle of genuine diamonds is what really stirs her excitement. Once you have identified the materials of your mom’s fashion preferences, it can be sure to incorporate those preferences into her Mother’s Day ring.

Personalization Could be the Key to Her Heart

Personalized birthstone rings are ideal for Mother’s Day because they usually showcase a gorgeous stone that corresponds to Mom’s birthday, or they feature the birthstones of each of her children so she can carry a reminder of their love everywhere she goes. You can also find stunning personalized bands, from the elegant to the elaborate, that allows you to add an engraved message just for her or even simply her name. This makes your gift more personal. More thoughtful. More apt to bring a smile to her face this Mother’s Day. When you add the extra layer of personalization to your ring for Mom, you are adding another layer of meaning. You are taking the time to make her ring a one-of-kind expression of your devotion that no other mom will wear but yours.

So, what do you think, ringing in Mother’s Day sounds like a pretty great idea, right? Remember, it arrives on Sunday, May 9 this year, so if you haven’t started shopping for Mom’s ring yet, don’t wait another moment. Hopefully these 4 quick tips will help with making your decision. May you find a special band that’s a perfect fit, from your heart to Mom’s. Happy shopping!

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