How to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home During a Pandemic


Mother’s Day 2021 arrives on May 9. As with most Mother’s Day celebrations since its origin (officially a holiday since 1914), it is still very much an occasion to honor all of our amazing, superhero moms around the world. But, as with Mother’s Day 2020, most of the world is still under social distancing restrictions due to the pandemic known as COVID-19. But that doesn’t have to put a damper on giving Mom the best day ever!

We have all been resilient through these trying times, finding unique ways to adjust pretty much every facet of life in order to create a new normal. More importantly, to make things more peaceful, comfortable and livable for ourselves. This has included modifying how we work, how we run our businesses, how we educate and how we manage our social lives, even though things aren’t very social at the moment. We found interesting ways to enjoy plenty of holidays, so Mother’s Day should not be an exception. At least, it doesn’t have to be.

But just in case you need a little inspiration this year, we’ve put together a few tips to help you celebrate Mother’s Day at home during a pandemic. We might not be able to enjoy extravagant Mother’s Day brunches out on the town or luxurious spa days, or large family gatherings with all of Mom’s children and grandchildren present, but we can certainly come up with creative ways to make those at-home celebrations more meaningful than ever.

Utilize the U.S. Mail Service

Granted, even the mail service has suffered a few slowdowns during the past year, but they are still a safe and efficient way to send things from point A to point B. So, as long as you start your shopping soon enough, Mom can always have a thoughtful gift from you to open on Mother’s Day. The Bradford Exchange offers many unique and meaningful Mother’s Day gifts, including fine jewelry and heirloom keepsakes expressing your love from your heart to Mom’s. You could even arrange a virtual gift opening so you could watch her open your gift online.

Plan a Virtual Event

We may have ceased large gatherings during the pandemic, but the prevalence of online technology has allowed virtual gatherings to prosper. Remember, though many are using online meeting software for their work, it can just as easily be used for play and for fun social interactions. You might not be able to dine across the table from your mother, but you can certainly have a virtual Mother’s Day meal together. Maybe have food delivered from her favorite local restaurant, do the same for yourself and eat together online. Perhaps you could watch a movie together/separately and talk about it afterwards. Or organize a huge online Mother’s Day celebration and invite the entire family. The more the merrier. Just don’t everyone talk at once

Share a Little Mother’s Day Love on Social Media

One thing that didn’t slow down a bit during the pandemic is social media enthusiasm. If anything, social media usage has monumentally increased. Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms, there is a great opportunity to pay tribute to your mother. Post some favorite old pictures, create a music video in her honor using family footage, or write a thoughtful and poetic homage. With just a little imagination, you can channel all your fond feelings for your mother into a social media post that will touch her heart and can be enjoyed by all who know her. And if privacy is a concern, create your own private family group, or post your celebration to only invite the ones you love to enjoy your creations.

Get a Little Sneaky with the Decorating

Does Mom live close by? Why not plan a clandestine, but socially distanced, decorating mission! She will never expect it. Place “Happy Mother’s Day” signs in her yard, trim her front door with spring-like streamers, flowers and special messages, leave a weighted bouquet of balloons, or maybe even plant a new seedling or flower bush for her to discover later. If you sneak over when Mom’s not home, or if you stay very, very quiet, you could create a Mother’s Day surprise she will not soon forget. You could even leave her a homemade treat while you’re at it. Just make sure you squirrel-proof it first.

Create a Relaxing, Stress-Free Environment

This one is for all of you desiring to give the mother of your children an amazing Mother’s Day. Many mothers have had to do double and triple duty during the pandemic. The most valuable thing to them is their time. So, one of the most meaningful gifts they could receive is the gift of rest and relaxation. It’s sometimes difficult to create that kind of experience if you’re quarantined in the home, but it certainly is possible. Start with bringing her breakfast in bed, making her coffee or tea, but let her SLEEP IN for a change (for as long as she wants). Remove any and all stress-inducers from the home. Note: this may involve going for a very long walk and taking the children with you. Give her time to be alone, to enjoy her moment of peace and quiet with no agenda at all, and most importantly, to do whatever she wants.

Have a Mother’s Day Party

A party might sound counter-intuitive to social distancing restrictions, but this applies to the special mom living right there in the home with you. You might not be able to go out for Mother’s Day festivities but what is stopping you from bringing the festivities to her? Consider creating a thoughtfully planned event for the day in her honor. Make sure you have all of her favorite things ready – food, drinks, music. If the children are old enough, help them make cards and gifts for Mom in advance. Perhaps the weather will be pleasant, and you could even have the party outside. And if possible, make it all a surprise too. Just imagine the look on her face when she sees the celebration you put together just for her. It will go a long way towards making her feel important, loved and pampered.

So, what do you think – did we get your creative juices flowing? Hopefully, our Mother’s Day tips were at least a little inspiring. We are all at a slight disadvantage these days when it comes to planning meaningful celebrations, but there is always a meaningful way to share your heart with Mom. Have a happy, safe, and socially distanced Mother’s Day.

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